GMA: Lana Parrilla From ‘Once Upon a Time’ & Sofia Vergara Makeover


Good Morning America: Evil Queen Lana Parrilla

GMA: Lana Parrilla From 'Once Upon a Time' & Sofia Vergara Makeover

Good Morning America sits down withe evil queen from ‘Once Upon a Time,’ Lana Parrilla. Sofia Vergara gives one luck woman a makeover.

Lana Parrilla stopped by Good Morning America to talk about her new role as the evil queen on the hit TV show Once Upon a Time. The show, which is airing it’s second season at the end of this week, is about the evil queen putting a curse on a number of famous fairy tale characters and then sending them off to the fictional town of Sotrybrooke, Maine. While in the town the characters try to figure out how to end the curse and be sent back to their respective fairy tale universes.


Parrilla said it is very fun playing the evil queen in the show, although she said she is not always evil. She said she got her inspirations for the character from other actors and a little bit from her family as well. She said she has learned to be much more imaginative while playing the character. The best advice Parrilla said she received from the producers? Make the character a human, not a characteristic.

Lana Parrilla said the evil queen has a little bit of a soft spot, which makes her more easily relatable. But for the most part she is just evil.

Good Morning America: Sofia Vergara Makeover

Debbie Russo, a graphic designer from New York, was the lucky woman to get a complete makeover from Sofia Vergara. She came out of the back room looking very transformed. She work leggings which Vergara said would go with anything in her wardrobe. Vergara said everything Russo was wearing came from her K-Mart collection, including a stylish handbag Russo held and all the jewelry she was wearing.


Everyone on Good Morning America said she looked beautiful.


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