GMA: Kristin Chenoweth Dangerous Eyelash Extensions, Allergic Reaction


Dangers Of Eyelash Extensions

Ask Katy Perry and she’ll say that the more lashes, the better. Then ask Kristin Chenoweth and she’ll show you just the price that voluminous lashes cost.

GMA: Kristin Chenoweth Dangerous Eyelash Extensions, Allergic Reaction

Kristin Chenoweth said that her eyelash extensions caused a horrible allergic reaction on her eyelids. Experts warn against synthetic eyelash extensions.


Eyelash extensions are one of the biggest new trends, giving women the boost and fullness they want in their lashes. Poor Kristin Chenoweth had a different fullness that appeared after her eyelash extensions.

“It’s like I have lips on my eyelids,” she said.

Eyelash Extensions Cause Infection & Natural Eyelash Loss

Chenoweth and other women have found that synthetic eyelashes used in the cosmetic procedure can come with an allergic reaction. The lashes can contain formaldehyde, which triggers an unpleasant and itchy situation. Infection, irritation and loss of your natural eyelashes just make things more complicated.


Association For Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions Speaks Out

You know that this is serious when they make an organization dedicated to the cause. The Association for Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions said, “properly applied eyelash extensions are not dangerous.” They said that hypo-allergenic adhesives are available and formaldehyde should not be in this procedure at all.

Kelsey Williams Weight Criticized

“Is this girl ‘too chunky’ to be an Oklahoma City cheerleader?”

Kelsey Williams said her “heart sank” reading those words on a blog. Williams was thrust into the spotlight when her weight came under question by fans. The blogger was a woman that worked for a radio station and she has since been fired. This doesn’t change what has happened and the effect it has had on Kelsey Williams.

The blog embarrassed Kelsey. She said “shame on you” to the woman. Kelsey said that she eats healthy and works out three to four hours a day to meet the OKC cheerleading standards. Although she says she doesn’t fit the normal dancer’s body type, she never let that get to her before. She is a size four.

Oklahmoa City Thunder Girl Kelsey Williams Speaks Out About Hurtful Blog

This blogger took Williams’ sense of security in her uniform and on the court. She was afraid of what the public and the fans would say about her once she came back to work.

“To be womanly always, and discouraged ever,” Kelsey wrote on her Twitter. She said that beating this woman down would do nothing to make her feel better. She plans to take the high road and has received major support from family and perfect strangers on the Internet.

The radio station fired the blogger and Kelsey said she wishes it hadn’t been so. She said she wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The station is keeping the blogger’s identity a secret.


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