GMA: Garnier Skin Renew Best BB Cream & Roc Sensitive Skin Night Cream


GMA: Differences In Aging Between Men and Women

Linda Wells, Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, said that women are feeling far more pressure to look young. Women are afraid of sagging skin, wrinkles and grey hair. According to a survey in Allure, women with grey hair are considered old, whereas men with grey hair are considered “distinguished.” Good Morning America used George Clooney as an example. No one seemed to mention that George Clooney has a wonderful, full head of hair. Of course he’s distinguished. What about someone like Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm who is balding with grey hair? In any case, 66 percent of men told Allure they don’t feel the pressure to look young. I’m willing to bet all of those men have full heads of hair.

GMA: Garnier Skin Renew Best BB Cream & Roc Sensitive Skin Night Cream

Linda Wells, Editor in Chief of Allure magazine talked about the four beauty items every woman must have to help stave off aging.


GMA: Best Anti-Aging Products & BB Cream

Linda Wells said that the best products to look for to keep you looking young are:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Retinol
  3. Antioxidant
  4. BB Cream

Linda Wells recommended Garnier Skin Renew for the BB Cream, Olay Regenerating Serum for the antioxidant and Roc Sensitive Skin Night Cream for the Retinol.

GMA: Lara Spencer vs Paula Faris Beauty Game

Beauty expert Carmindy of TLC’s What Not To Wear came by GMA to host a beauty trivia game called Beauty Myths Revealed. Paula Faris and Lara Spencer faced off to test their beauty knowledge. They had to decide whether a trivia item was fact or fiction. Here are the facts from the game:

  1. To erase dark circles, apply concealer after foundation.
  2. Filling in eyebrows with a pencil makes you appear more youthful. Lara Spencer said her eyebrows are so blonde, if she doesn’t do this, she’ll “look like a giant egg.” Paula Faris wanted to challenge this though.
  3. As you age, you should start wearing waterproof formulas. Carmindy said this is because skin loses elasticity as it ages and waterproof formulas help keep the makeup under the eyes in place.

Both women decided it was a tie, even though Paula Faris clearly won. Sam Champion told a joke about how no one at GMA ever cares about winning. This was possibly in reference to his loss to Lara Spencer during the Spring Cleaning games and his even bigger loss to her in the rematch of the Spring Cleaning games.


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