GMA: Does the Boredom Diet Work & How to Get the Perfect Pixie Cut


Pixie Cut Named Most Influential Haircut

If you saw any of the outrageous fashion at the Met Ball this week, then you probably noticed the big trend sweeping the red carpets. It’s all about the hair. From the simple, like Anne Hathaway’s effortless short cut, to the elaborate, as in Sarah Jessica Parker’s braids and mohawk, to the weird, like Miley Cyrus’ what-the-what?

How To Get Perfect Pixie Cut For Any Face Shape

According to the Hairdressing Council of Great Britain, Anne Hathaway’s short hair from Les Mis has been named the most influential on-screen hair of all time. Let’s just remember that her character was dying, and then think about better examples of the pixie cut. Emma Watson has probably done it the best. She made the pixie, and growing the pixie out, look girlie and effortless.


Hollywood hair dresser Chris McMillan created Miley Cyrus’ recent cut. He said that it needs to be shaped to your face and that anyone can rock the cut. Robin Roberts said she was looking forward to her hair growing out a little so that she can add some Halle Berry style to her ‘do.

GMA: Does the Boredom Diet Work & How to Get the Perfect Pixie Cut

Chris Powell, author and fitness guru, led us through a nine minute workout and why the boredom diet can be dangerous. Think balanced and sensible meals.

The Boredom Diet Helps You Lose Weight

It’s the Groundhog’s Day of diets. The theory: if you eat the same thing every day, you get bored with food and want to eat less. Therefore, weight loss. Jared, the Subway guy, lost 245 pounds and Special K applies the same idea.


Markham Evans ate the same Chipotle salad every day for eight months. He ended up losing 50 pounds and said he continues to lose weight every week. This idea of mono-lunching is like the cabbage soup diet, where eventually eating the same thing turns into weight loss. Over time, you eat less.

Anderson Cooper says he will eat the same foods every day for months on end. Some women have found that eating mac and cheese for lunch every day causes them to eat 100 fewer calories a week. The only way that this weight loss tactic really works is if you eat balanced and healthy meals. So, mac and cheese is not the best choice.

Chris Powell’s Nine Minute Workout & Twister Exercise Review

Chris Powell, Choose More, Lose More For Life, is the host of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. He said that the idea of the Boredom Diet works, but it could be a recipe for disaster. You need to work on eating balanced and sensible foods.

Powell created the nine minute workout. He loves burpees. Every muscle in the body works at once. You do squats, bridges and planks, then squats again.

Another he likes for core is the twister. On your back, lift your legs and bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Keeping your back flat and your legs in that 90 degree bend, move them to the side, twisting at your core. Do this back and forth to strengthen and tone.


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