Morning After Wedding Photos on Good Morning America: New Trend?


Newlyweds Morning After Pictures on GMA

There was a time when professional photographs were reserved for things like prom and school pictures, but now people will hire a photographer for anything.

Morning After Wedding Photos on Good Morning America: New Trend?

The hot new trend in wedding photography are morning after wedding photos, as seen on Good Morning America!


An interesting new wedding photo trend is available to willing participants: hiring a photographer to chronicle what happens after the reception. A photographer joins newly married couple in their wedding suite, snapping pictures that will probably end up on Facebook.

Couples are choosing to have steamy “morning after” photos taken in their bedroom and shower.

Morning After Photos Show Most Intimate Moments

“The idea is just to show a couple after the wedding day, in their most intimate moment together in their home,” Photographer Michelle Jonne said. “We try to have fun with it, we try to make it playful.”


Inna Shamis and her new husband Dan were approached by Jonne and jumped at the opportunity to “smile” for the camera.

“You’re going to the gym, you’re in the best shape of your life, I think if any time in your life is the time to do it it’s now,” Shamis said.

Wedding Photos Inspired by David & Victoria Beckham

Jonne told ABC News’ Lindsay Davis that she was inspired by Emporio Armani ads featuring David and Victoria Beckham.

“We’re trying to be like a fly on the wall peeking in so we try to take many different approaches,” Jonne said. “I want things implied, sexy, fun, playful. If they want to have a pillow fight on the bed I’m up for that.”

Wedding Photo Collage

Jonne took pictures of Shamis and her husband all over their house in order to capture their “between the sheets” moments. If you’re wondering what you would do with pictures like this, Shamis has already thought about it.

“We’ll sit down with Michelle and probably do an album,” Shamis said. “I’m sure we’ll do a beautiful collage for our bedroom. Why not look at these pictures and be reminded of the love that was captured on those images every single day?”

For $650, you too can have your post-wedding moments documented on film. It’s surprising that Kim Kardashian didn’t already think to do this after her wedding to Kris Humphries.

GMA: Siggy Flicker & Lesley Jane Seymour Opinions

Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos sat down with relationship expert Siggy Flicker and More magazine editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour to hear their thoughts on the idea.

“I like to be a leader not a follower and I want to know why this photographer didn’t come to the morning after my wedding three months ago when I married Michael at the Plaza,” Flicker said. “I didn’t even know about this or I would have had the photographer taking pictures of us. I’m all about love and on your wedding day you are nervous and you are tight and the cake picture, the flowers, is my dress okay, are people having a good time? When you are celebrating that you finally sealed the deal the next day I’m looking at him like, ‘Michael we did it, we did it we got married.’ That’s the time you’re the most beautiful, you don’t have your fake eyelashes on, you’re real, you’re really showing some love between you two, and I want to capture those moments and I would post every picture on Facebook.”

Why Not to Do Morning After Photos

Seymour felt differently, and was disgusted by the idea.

“Oh my goodness can’t we not share absolutely everything?” Seymour asked. “There are moments when you shouldn’t share. Every celebrity that I know says the hardest part is the camera in your face in intimate moments. Can’t I have something that is personal? This is so personal, and let’s face it, I don’t know about you but the day after I got married I didn’t look like that so it’s really hard to look fabulous that second day. And post it on Facebook? What about your boss?”

Flicker said the thing with her hundreds of clients is that everyone wants to love and be loved, and not everyone is going to look like Heidi Klum or Adriana Lima.

Great Ideas for Morning After Photos

“When you’re at the happiest moment of your life, what do you want to do?” Flicker asked. “You want to capture that moment! Why not capture that moment? Putting up the sheets, every individual is different and I have to tell you that I deal with celebrity clients who are the most famous in the world and every day people, and people have insecurities. I promote loving yourself.”

Seymour was convinced that it was too much, especially if your boss caught a glimpse of them on a site like Facebook.

“It’s not pornography and I would put up pictures that weren’t in good taste,” Flicker said. “I would not put pictures of my tushy or anything showing.”


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