“Momshell” Craze: Why Losing Baby Weight Overnight is Unhealthy


Janice Min Speaks Out Against Momshell Phenomenon

Former Us Weekly Editor-in-Chief Janice Min is trying to take back the “Momshell” phenomenon.

Momshells, celebrity mothers who slimmed down alarmingly quickly after giving birth, were made popular when Min plastered them on the covers of Us Weekly during her six year run as Editor-in-Chief. Min recently gave birth to her third child and is speaking out against unhealthy pressure to loose baby weight immediately.


"Momshell" Craze: Why Losing Baby Weight Overnight is Unhealthy

Hilary Duff did not buy into the "Momshell" craze, and took her time to lose her baby weight. Go Hilary Duff!!! (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

In an article for the New York Times, the 42-year-old said that “…the notion that instantly stick-thin figures after birth are normal is untrue. Sometimes in my sleep-deprived nights, I ponder our ideal of this near-emaciated, sexy and well-dressed Frankenmom we’ve created and wonder how to undo her.”

Hilary Duff & Bryce Howard Didn’t Lose Baby Weight Quickly

Hilary Duff, who gave birth to her son Luca in March, faced media scrutiny after she didn’t drop the weight overnight. Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and The Help star Bryce Dallas Howard also faced negativity concerning their weight.


“You see these magazines that are filled with celebrities who in weeks have bounced back and are back to their pre-baby weight and I think for most women it really puts a lot of pressure on them,” Melissa Lawrence, CEO of  CloudMom.com, said.

In December, Robin Roberts sat down with 49-year-old Kelly Preston and talked about her baby weight battle after giving birth to her son, Benjamin in 2010.

“I’m not into three to four weeks but I did it over the course of eight months,” Preston said.

ABC News correspondent Amy Robach talked to new moms who decided to bear it all to show women what a healthy post-baby mom should really look like.

“If we can reach one woman to maybe not feel so bad about herself I think that’s exactly what we wanted to do,” mom Katie Shunk said.

Baby Weight Battle: Did You Feel Pressured?

Lara Spencer interviewed Editor-in-Chief of More magazine Leslie Jane Seymour and women’s health expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton about their opinions on the “Momshell” craze.

“This is pressure but it’s peer pressure and not all peer pressure ends in high school and not all peer pressure is necessarily a bad thing,” Ashton said. “If it motivates you to be more fit, healthier, stronger as a mother, of course.”  So here is my question for you – did you feel pressured to lose your baby weight quickly?  Do you think that women usually feel this pressure?  And do you think it is healthy or should be avoided?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Seymour and Ashton put the baby weight battle into perspective.

“Let’s remember, they have a phalanx of people behind them,” Seymour said. “They have thirty thousand dollar hair people, forty thousand dollar exercise gurus. You’re not being paid for that, that is not their job. They have to get in shape in a few weeks because they have to go on set. That is not the normal human being.”

How Long Does it Take to Lose Baby Weight?

“This is their job,” Ashton said. “They make their living looking as perfect as can be, but as moms we know being a mother and running a household is an athletic event to itself so it would behoove a mother to get into as good of shape as she can be. Two seconds after she gives birth? No. It takes nine months to get there, give yourself at least nine months to get back.

“It’s a year, it’s a total year to get your body back,” Seymour said.


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