“Lovetown, USA” Matchmakers Dating Advice on Good Morning America


Oprah’s Lovetown USA in Kingsland, GA

In Oprah Winfrey’s new show Lovetown USA, she challenges a town to open their hearts to love.

Winfrey headed to Kingsland, Georgia for this social experiment that is the first of it’s kind. The goal? To find out what happens when an entire community focuses on love.


Oprah brought in two expert matchmakers Paul Carrick Brunson and Kailen Rosenberg to help put an end to bickering, bad blood and blame. The show chose six singles to help find love.

Matchmakers Paul Carrick Brunson & Kailen Rosenberg on GMA

Brunson and Rosenberg joined Lara Spencer on Good Morning America to talk about the experience. Spencer asked Rosenberg if it was difficult to get the whole town on board.

"Lovetown, USA" Matchmakers Dating Advice on Good Morning America

Oprah's matchmakers from the show "Lovetown, USA" gave dating advice on Good Morning America.


“There were lots of bah humbugs but there were some really good sports too,” Rosenberg said. “I think just being open to love and believing in love, that was the biggest challenge but getting them to the point where that love happened was pretty cool.”

Rosenberg said that love is beyond contagious, and that we all need it, deserve it and can have it.

Brunson’s 3 Tips to Find Love

Spencer asked Brunson for his tips to find love.

“I’ve got three big takeaways for everyone,” Brunson said. “One is that if you want to love anyone else you have to love yourself first. Second is if you want to do things differently, and you want different results, you must do things differently for different results. Third, and most importantly, whenever you’re on a date bring breath mints.”

GMA: In it to Win it Or In it for a Minute Game

Brunson, Rosenberg and Spencer then put the advice to use with their audience, playing a game called, “In it to Win it Or In it For a Minute.” Spencer asked audience members for their love questions and the matchmakers determined if their love interests were in it for a minute or the long haul.

The first girl, “B,” who has been seeing a man for four months, said he was wonderful and plans all of their dates and takes her to nice dinners, but only on the weekends. During the week, she rarely hears from him and he will only contact her when he wants to hang out.

Rosenberg said he’s in it for a minute, but Brunson, the male perspective, said he’s in it to win it.

“Here’s why,” Brunson said. “He is planning, he is spending time with you, he’s probably just in the beginning of the relationship and need to spend more time. That’s the reason why we date, we court.”

Rosenberg disagreed.

“From the very beginning to the end we need healthy communication or the willingness to communicate and to show who we really are which we do, we show it pretty authentically so pay attention,” Rosenberg said.

Spencer added that he might just have a busy job.

Good Morning America Matchmakers

The next audience member, Chris, was a man has been dating his girlfriend for a year and they  have plans to move in together. Recently, his girlfriend got a new job in the fashion industry and has been going to lots of exclusive parties. She doesn’t want him to come because he’s not “hip enough,” and he worries that if they move in together he’ll be left at home alone all the time.

Both Benson and Rosenberg agreed that the girlfriend was in it for a minute, and told Chris to come to them and they’d hook him up with someone better.

You can catch Lovetown, USA Sundays on OWN.


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