Good Morning America: Roximity App Review & Valpak Coupons For Ford


Good Morning America: Jump Start January

This week, Good Morning America is helping us Jump Start January when it comes to finances. Yesterday, the gang showed us coupon apps and websites. Now, we are learning how to save money behind the wheel with ABC reporter Abby Boudreaux. Can you save money while you drive with the Roximity app?

GMA: Roximity App & Valpak Coupons

Good Morning America: Roximity App Review & Valpak Coupons For Ford

GMA explored the money saving offers drivers can receive in cars equipped with the new Roximity app, featuring Valpak coupons and local deals.


Forget clipping coupons. Technology has changed the game. The Roximity app can search for deals near you as you drive. The app responds to voice commands so drivers can keep their eyes on the road, according to Roximity CEO/founder Danny Newman.

Through a partnership with paper coupon pros Valpak to line up coupons for the digital age. Launch the Roximity app from your phone in your car. Then say “lunch,” for example, to find deals you are looking for near you.

Good Morning America: Roximity Car Models

The technology is still very new, and right now it is only available in some Ford and Lincoln models. But where is the savings?


ABC and Good Morning America borrowed a Ford Mustang to try out the app. Deals included a Fatburger coupon for a free burger, which saved about $5.

For dry cleaning, the show found 50% off the service. Then there was a buy one, get one spray tan deal. Other options included doggie daycare and even spa treatments.

GMA: Roxmity App Review

All told, the GMA reporter racked up $95 in savings from the free app. But I see some flaws in this plan. First, you have to buy a new, expensive car to use this app, from the sound of things.

Second, are you really saving money if you use coupons for products and services you weren’t planning to buy and don’t need? Would you want to have this service in your car, or do you think it’s unnecessary?


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