Good Morning America: Jarvez Hall Lost 300 Pounds With Chris Powell


Jarvez Hall on Good Morning America

A 28-year-old man dropped half his body weight after working with “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” trainer Chris Powell. Jarvez Hall weighed a staggering 548 pounds  and was considered dangerously obese.

Good Morning America: Jarvez Hall Lost 300 Pounds With Chris Powell
Good Morning America interviewed Jarvez Hall about losing 300 pounds with the help of Chris Powell. (Helga Esteb /

Hall said he started getting bigger in middle school, and people encouraged his weight while he was playing football. After his mother died, he stopped playing college football and packed on the pounds.


“When my mom got sick is when my weight got worse,” Hall said.

His wife Adriana worried that someday his heart would stop. The day before their wedding, he sent a letter to Powell asking for his help. Hall’s goal was to get his weight down to the 200s and “bring sexy back.”

“I’m just going to keep pushing because I can’t be 548,” Hall said. “The next number after 548 is death.”


How Jarvez Hall Lost 300 Pounds

Over the course of a year, Powell worked with Hall to drop the pounds, and their team was successful.

“First and foremost we had a blast last year, we had such a great time, but he is the epitome of perseverance and persistence,” Powell said. “I mean he fell sometimes like we all do, we’re all humans on the journey but every single time he did, he got right back up, he attacked every single day like it was a brand new day, he left everything in his past and he kept going. And this is what it gets you.”

Hall has experienced a world of change after losing 300 pounds.

“My world is so different now, I can do things, I can appreciate the small things in life,” Hall said. “I mean just coming here I got to fly on an airplane in one seat and not have a seat belt extender. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to sit, I can go on a flight, sit in the movie theater, I can go places and live life with my wife and enjoy it. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Jarvez Hall & Adriana Are Pregnant

Adriana is now pregnant, and Hall got the baby an outfit that says “I’m Sexy Like My Dad.” Adriana also lost weight with Jarvez, and brought his old jeans to Good Morning America to show the transformation.

Robin Roberts asked Adriana what her husband’s reaction was after seeing his new body after he had his excess skin removed.

“He kind of passed out, just a little,” Adriana said. “I think the effect of seeing his new body, seeing his new self, all the hard work that he put into going from this to this is a big shocking moment in his life.”


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