GMA: What Not To Wear Ending After 10 Seasons & Timeless Fashion Tips


GMA: What Not To Wear Show Ending

TLC’s What Not To Wear has been helping people without fashion sense get new styles for 10 seasons. Hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London said that they wanted to end the show when it was still great, rather than running it into the ground. They had three timeless tips for people who wanted something to pull out from time to time. These were:

  1. The Jacket: Stacy London said this is the quickest way to put an outfit together.
  2. Dark Wash Jeans: Clinton Kelly said that dark wash jeans will always look more put together than light wash jeans and they can be more slimming.
  3. Create a Waistline: Stacy London said that if you create a waistline, you will look like you have one.

    GMA: What Not To Wear Ending After 10 Seasons & Timeless Fashion Tips

    Clinton Kelly had timeless fashion tips for GMA viewers. (Helga Esteb /

GMA: Audience Member Plays Cash Couch

An audience member was chosen randomly at the top of the show on GMA March 7 2013 to search through the cushions and pillows of a couch in the studio for cash. All of the cash was in change, just like at home. There were 30 seconds on the clock and Sam Champion gave her a hand, because he said that if they were giving money away, they should try to give her as much as possible.


While Josh Elliott and the woman chosen used a coin sorting machine, Sam Champion continued to search the couch, well after the countdown was over to give the woman even more money. At one point, they cut to weather, and Sam Champion was half under the couch, searching. He awkwardly came to his feet to deliver the weather, seeming embarrassed. The woman ending up taking home $156.83.

GMA: Spring Cleaning Challenge

Lara Spencer and Sam Champion faced off in a spring cleaning game where they had to vaccuum blue dust off of a carpet, scrub a tile wall and clean the dust off of a bookshelf. Lara Spencer had an early lead, scrubbing the tile as fast as she could, while Sam Champion had difficulty squirting the Lysol onto the tile wall. But when it came to dusting the bookshelf, Sam Champion made a comeback. Then, it was onto the carpet. Lara Spencer chose to use the vacuum normally, while Sam Champion used the attachments to get down on his hands and knees and suck up the blue dust. Even though they promised to declare a winner, they never did. I think that Lara Spencer won, though, because she seemed to be a lot more thorough.


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