GMA: Valerie Bertinelli Inch Worm Workout & Carb Lovers No Sugar Diet


Good Morning America: The 100 Diet Jorge Cruise

Jorge Cruise invented the diet for carb lovers. You can eat all the cake, bread and pasta you want, but you can only eat 100 calories of sugar a day. Cruise said that those who have tried the diet lose on average 18 pounds in two weeks!

Cruise said that not all calories are the same. You only ingest 100 sugar calories, but those are hidden in brown rice and fruits. You multiply your carbs times four. Is there are 20 carbs in an apple, times four, that’s 80 sugar calories in an apple. Wowza! If you look at the label and it says zero sugar calories, think again. Do the same carbs times four and you’ll find hidden sugar calories, said Cruise.


GMA: Valerie Bertinelli Inch Worm Workout & Carb Lovers No Sugar Diet

Valerie Bertinelli showed off her best slim down workout for the summer – The Inch Worm. Jorge Cruise instructed us on his carb lovers, no sugar diet.

Does the 100 Diet Work?

The problem I see here is that you are going to be eating low carbs because they have less sugar when you do Jorge Cruise’s times four method. I think I may have just busted your diet, dude.

Almond flour, flaxseed and coconut oil are going to be your staples when cooking on the 100 diet. They help you make no-sugar recipes in the same way that your traditional flour would. Chocolate cake, fried chicken, and skinny muffins are all recipes you can findin Cruise’s The 100 Diet, out now. They have calories, but they don’t have sugar.


GMA: Valerie Bertinelli & Fighting Heart Disease

Valerie Bertinelli is an ambassador for living healthy. From her amazing weight loss on the Jenny Craig system to giving a voice to heart disease, Bertinelli came to show off her moves for a healthy summer and a healthy life. Losing weight cuts a person’s chances for heart disease in half. Valerie Bertinelli’s mother is a heart disease survivor and she exercises daily to stay healthy.

The Hot In Cleveland star lost 40 pounds a few years ago, but she said that she’s changed her lifestyle. She has a support group with her Jenny Craig consultant and said that she has to work at keeping the weight off.

Valerie Bertinelli Workout: The Inch Worm

Collectively, the women Bertinelli brought with her have lost 412. They showed off their slim down favorite exercises.

The Inch Worm is a move that yoga people will love. It combines a downward dog with a plank and you are moving the whole time. Start with you legs at shoulder width apart and bend down to touch the ground. Then, walk your hands forward into a plank or push up stance. You can do a push up here is you feel like it, and then walk yourself back to upright. Do this about 12 times and then add in cardio, like jumping jacks.


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