GMA: The Lookout Kevin Trudeau Scams & Jennifer Lopez Fosters Review


Jennifer Lopez: Family Equals Love

“Family equals love,” is the theme of Jennifer Lopez’s new show The Fosters on ABC Family. The show revolves around a family, headed by two moms, that takes in at-risk teens that need a home. They have twins that were abandoned by their mother, a troubled teen girl that rejects love, and a seemingly normal teenage boy.

“This is a non-traditional sort of family,” Lopez explained. She said her own family is nontraditional because her kids don’t live with their father, Marc Anthony, and they have three stepbrothers.


Jennifer said the most important thing is for her kids to be loved. As for her current beau, J. Lo said that marriage is not on her mind. If she were to marry Casper Smart, 18 years her junior, she would have to be absolutely sure about their love.

GMA: The Lookout Kevin Trudeau Scams & Jennifer Lopez Fosters Review

Jennifer Lopez previewed her new show, The Fosters on ABC Family. ABC’s The Lookout looks into scams and scam artists, like Kevin Trudeau. (s_bukley /

Jennifer Lopez: The Fosters Preview

As for The Fosters, Jennifer said that the show really stands on its own. She doesn’t feel like she needs to pull a cameo in it just yet, but if it helps bring in viewers, why not? Lopez really wants the show to be seen, so if ratings began to droop, we may see a quick appearance from the international pop diva.


The Fosters premieres Monday, June 3 on ABC Family.

The Lookout Investigates Mold Scams

ABC’s Bill Weir and Cynthia McFadden are attacking the bad guys and finding the services that work in The Lookout, premiering May 29 on ABC. The show investigates the tricksters in the consumer market and outs them on national television.

“We want to help you sort out, save your family some money, find out who is selling a lie and who’s not and do it in a way that maybe you haven’t seen before,” Weir said.

One of the problems that they are shedding light on is mold. Cynthia McFadden said that with all of the recent storms and floods, people may not even know if their home contains mold. She wants to “pull up the curtain” and show consumers how to avoid scams.

Bill Weir Investigates Kevin Trudeau Diet & Mayan Calendar Scam

Bill Weir’s investigation led him to Zurich. He met with a former infomercial king, Kevin Trudeau, who sold miracle hair growth serums and pain relieving tape at 2 a.m. for years.

He recently tried to sell people on the Mayan calendar scam, December 21 2012. He told viewers that if they didn’t want to pay for the survival surface, then they didn’t deserve to live.

Weir said that Trudeau owes millions for his diet book scam. It’s all a lesson in buyer beware.

The Lookout premieres May 29 on ABC.


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