GMA Restaurant Secrets: Sugar in Kids Meals & Ordering Well Liquor


By Kathryn DeNicola

Restaurant Secrets Your Waiter Won’t Tell You

As part of their “Things Experts Won’t Tell You” series with their partner Readers Digest, Good Morning America found out some tips to help you get the most from your meal. For more, check out Rocco DiSpirito’s Restaurant Secrets from Dr Oz.


When you go to a restaurant, you’re at the mercy of the cooks and the waitstaff. Here are some insider tips to make your meal more pleasant.

If you see a seat that you want, ask for it right away. It also helps to use restaurant lingo – a “two top” is a table for two and a “four top” is a table for four.

Restaurant Secrets: Order Well Liquor

Good Morning America: Restaurant Secrets

Good Morning America uncovered restaurant secrets about sugar in kids meals and the truth about homemade salad dressing.


When ordering a drink, say you’ll have “well liquor.” Well liquor is a nicer term for basic, run of the mill liquors. If you don’t ask for it, your server will likely bring you a drink with more pricey alcohol. Asking for this shows you’re not an easy mark.

Restaurant Secrets: Don’t Order Specials

As far as restaurant specials go, these are made up of food a restaurant wants to get rid of. Avoid fish specials. For the best meal the restaurant offers, ask your server. If they automatically tell you it’s the most important meal on the menu – steer clear – they’re just trying to make more money.

Restaurant Secrets: Decaf Vs Regular Coffee

A coffee secret – if it’s after 8 p.m., most servers will only serve decaf coffee, even if you ask for regular. Servers want to get ahead of their closing duties and will often clean out the regular coffee pot so that they only have decaf to worry about. If you need a caffeine boost, try ordering an expresso.

When it comes to tipping, your waiters are the salt of the earth. Tip them well, they rely on these tips for everything from bills to groceries.

Restaurant Secret: Sugar in Kids Meals

Your kids may be getting a sugar-high that you didn’t bargain for. Readers Digest spoke with a waitress at a well-known pizza chain who said they put sugar in every kids meal on the menu – even pizza. This is to make it taste a little better and make it more palatable to a four year’s old taste buds.

GMA Restaurants: Don’t Order Lemons

The next time your waitress asks “lemon or no lemon” with you water – just say no. No one should order lemons because they don’t get washed – the sticker just gets ripped off and the lemon is cut off. Not to mention you have no idea how many people have touched those lemons and where they have been.

Restaurant Secrets: Fish & Salad Dressing

When ordering fish, stick to Tuesday through Friday. Restaurants usually get fish shipments in twice a week. Avoid ordering fish on Sundays or Mondays. When in doubt, ask the restaurant when the fish was delivered.

Some “homemade” salad dressings may not be the case. Often times a restaurant will go to Costco and buy bulk salad dressing, sprinkle some blue cheese on it, and call it “homemade.”


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