GMA: Reader’s Digest How To Cut Calories, Red Pepper Flakes Metabolism


Reader’s Digest: How to Cut the Calories at Restaurants

The perks to eating out are plain and simple. There’s no shopping, cooking, preparing, or cleaning up. It’s the easiest solution nowadays for busy families. However, restaurants are businesses and they want you to spend as much time and money as you can on their products. 

Slow Music Makes You Want to Eat & Spend More

You can find out a restaurant’s strategy just by paying attention to the music when you walk in. The faster the music, the faster they want you out. Studies have shown that when a restaurant plays fast and loud music, it causes us to chew faster. They want to get you in, get you eating, get you out and get the next diners in.


GMA: Reader's Digest How To Cut Calories, Red Pepper Flakes Metabolism

Reader’s Digest has all of the secrets that restaurants use to get you to eat and spend more money. Red pepper flakes are an easy way to speed up metabolism

If the music is slow and soft, they want you to settle in and order more food. Studies show that we spend 40% more when we listen to this kind of music.

What Is the Most Marked Up Wine on the Menu?

Buyer beware, the second cheapest wine on the list at restaurants is usually the one marked up the most. Restaurant goers don’t want to look cheap by ordering the least expensive, so they order one up.  If you order a slightly more expensive wine, they tend to be marked up less and only a few bucks more than the cheap wines.


Healthy Dishes Cost More & Red Pepper Flakes Increase Metabolism

Ordering healthy dishes in restaurants may make you feel better around the waist line, but you’ll feel worse when it comes to your checking account. A study showed that diners order 20% more food, including appetizers, sides and desserts, when they chose a healthy entree.

It’s also OK to be a picky eater. You can take the skin off of the chicken at Boston Market you will save 100 calories. You can also get any sandwich at Subway made into a salad. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for half of your entree to-go. Family restaurants are notorious for giant portion sizes.

Red pepper contains a fat releaser that will speed up metabolism and make you drink more water. Sprinkle red pepper flakes on your pizza and use a paper napkin to get  off the extra grease.

Where You Sit Dictates How Much You Eat

Another factor that can lead to eating more or less is where you sit in the restaurant. If you get seated in an uncomfortable chair or awkward spot, you will tend to rush your meal and eat more. If you ask for a better seat, you will eat slower and feel fuller.


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