GMA: Moms Feeling Pressure to Be Perfect Thanks to Pinterest Recipes


Pinterest Ruining Mom’s Lives: Mom Makes Perfect Elmo Cake

For some, Pinterest is a stress reliever. We zoom down the pages of pretty tablescapes, amazing organizing tricks and beautiful nail art on a lunch break to give out brains a break. For others, Pinterest ideas create nothing but headache and heartbreak.

Perusing the kid section of Pinterest produces beautiful baby photos and cool craft ideas. If you’ve ever tried your hand at some of these, you may find that it takes a special kind of mom to achieve the same results.


GMA: Moms Feeling Pressure to Be Perfect Thanks to Pinterest Recipes

More moms are feeling the pressure to be the perfect. Social media sites and Pinterest recipes have made moms rethink their kid’s parties and decorations.

Jennifer is a creative mom that loves to shower her boys in the best of the best. She’s taken to creating custom cakes for their birthdays that stand out on sites like Pinterest. Jennifer whipped up Elmo, Cookie Monster and Lightning McQueen cakes for her sons.

“My husband calls me Cakezilla,” she laughed.


Big City Mom’s Leslie Venokur Feels the Pinterest Pressure

Moms like Jennifer are upping the ante on what you can do with your kids. Some of the photo ideas are realistic, but not everyone can bake and decorate a replica of Sesame Street.

Leslie Venokur is the founder of Big City Moms, a new mommy support group online. She said that social media sites are causing moms to one-up each other.

Real moms on the street echoed this theory. They said that it makes you feel like you aren’t enough for your child.

Pinterest Fail Laughs at Perfect Crafts & Recipes

Jenna is a mom that decided to take the Pinterest pressure and turn it on its head. She created Pinterest Fail, a blog where she and her friends try to make Pinterest crafts and creations and post the results. Nine times out of ten, the project doesn’t work. (Her Pizza Cones look hilarious.) Jenna is perfectly happy being imperfect.

Jennifer told her fellow moms that she doesn’t make her fantastic cakes to make other moms feel bad. She just does it because it’s something she loves and it makes her boys smile.


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