GMA: Kate Moss Heroin Chic Interview & Deals & Steals Lobster Pot Pies


Good Morning America: Kate Moss Interview

Kate Moss, who recently published a new book title The Kate Moss Book, had a very revealing interview with Vanity Fair.

Moss, the undeniably beautiful women who exploded onto the runway modeling scene at the young at of 14, has produced some of the most unforgettable covers in magazine history. Nearly 25 years later, she sat down Vanity Fair to discuss what a whirlwind her life was as she grew up.


Vanity Fair: Kate Moss Mark Wahlberg Photo Shoot

She revealed she is not very comfortable posing for photos, telling the magazine she not very good posing for snapshots, which seems an odd characteristic for a model to have.

She also explained the breakdown she had when she was 17 years old after posing with Mark Wahlberg. Moss said she didn’t feel comfortable posing with a buff guy and straddling him. She told the magazine she stayed in bed for nearly two weeks after shooting the photos.

GMA: Kate Moss Johnny Depp Breakup

She opened up about her relationship with actor Johnny Depp, saying there has never been anyone that could take care of her, but Depp did a great job for a little while. She said after they split, she cried about the breakup for years. Yes, years. I guess it is Johnny Depp though.


As for being called heroin chic while she was growing up Moss told Vanity Fair she never tried heroin. She was skinny because she was working so often and doing some many runway shows. She had to stay skinny.

Good Morning America: Hurricane Sandy Crashing Weddings

GMA: Kate Moss Herion Chic Interview & Deals & Steals Lobster Pot Pies

Good Morning America learns about Kate Moss opening up in an interview with Vanity Fair, Hurricane Sandy crashing weddings & Deals & Steals lobster pot pies. (The Image Worx /

Hurricane Sandy didn’t exactly get the meaning of ‘wedding crashers.’ She has devastated the East Coast and she has also devastated some brides-to-be by nearly shutting down a city where almost 4,000 weddings were going to be happen very soon.

Shelby, a bride-to-be, is having a hard time reaching her florist, her hairstylist and getting the wedding band for her husband. These were supposed to be her biggest concerns on her wedding day. But larger problems have arisen, like how to get people to New York, what hotels to put them up in and how she is going to get dresses for her bridesmaids.

Hurricane Sandy Weddings: The Knot Facebook Page

Thankfully, set up a Facebook page to help these struggling women. The Facebook page strives to connect people with hotels that still have electricity, former brides willing to lend out a wedding dress and more.

They also offered some wedding advice for women who have been planning weddings in Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath:

  • Reread all the contracts you signed. Some may have natural disaster clauses in favor of the bride-to-be.
  • Be flexible about changing the date.
  • Be honest and open with all the guests and family members. They may be willing to help in some unexpected ways.

GMA Deals and Steals: Wicked Good Cupcakes & Lobster Pot Pies

Good Morning America has a Shark Tank edition of Deals & Steals. Check out the products below to see all the great deals:

  • Wicked Good Cupcakes – A mother-daughter team from Massachusetts has packed some delicious tasting cupcakes into tiny little jars that will not disappoint. The original price was $14, but with the GMA deal the cupcakes in a jar are only $7. Promo code is GMA50.
  • Scrub Daddy – These are functional sponges that turns coarse in cold water and soft in hot water. The smile face makes it easy to grip and the spiky hair makes it easier to clean cups well on the inside. The original price was $16, but with the GMA deal the sponges only cost $8. Promo Code GMA50.
  • Lobster Pot Pit – Cousins Maine Lobster have cooked up some really great meals, from lobster pot pies to lobster mac n’ cheese. All meals are ready to heat and serve. The original price was $90 to $135, but with the GMA deal the price for lobster concoctions is only $40 to $50.
  • Aroma Home Fuzzy Friends Slippers – These fuzzy slippers are Robert Robins favorite slippers. The original price for the slippers was $22 to $33, but with the GMA deal the slipped are only $11 to $16.50. Promo Code GMADEAL.

Good Morning America: Country Music Awards Best Event 2012 Kenny Chesney

Good Morning America talked with a representative with the Country Music Awards who revealed two awards on GMA this morning.

The first award was for the Best Event. The nominees were:

Chesney took home the CMA for Best Event.

Country Music Awards: Toby Keith Best Video 2012

The second award went out for Best Video. The nominees were:

  • Kenny Chesney, “Come Over“
  • Little Big Town, “Pontoon“
  • Eric Church, “Springsteen“
  • Toby Keith, “Red Solo Cup
  • Miranda Lambert, “Over You“

Toby Keith took home the award for Best Video.


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