GMA: Joe Aviance 99 Cent Store Diet & Women Lighter Sleepers Than Men?


Papa Joe’s Dollar Store Diet

This is a diet that anyone can get behind. Joe Aviance, also known as Papa Joe, wanted to change his lifestyle and live on dollars a day. He hasn’t touched soda in three years and cut out all fast food from his diet. He lives on the West Soast, where dollar stores offer fresh food options, produce, and healthy meals. He’s lost 250 pounds in 18 months on his 99 cent store diet.

Joe Aviance is a musician and when he saw his 2009 music video, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life,” Joe was horrified at his appearance. He said he went to his fridge and threw out anything sugary, sweet, or fatty and started fresh. He now runs five miles a day in addition to eating healthy and plans to drop more weight.


How to Live on a 99 Cent Store Budget

Armed with just $20, Papa Joe showed Good Morning America just how he shops. He starts off the day with eggs, yogurt and milk. Then goes for salad and fresh produce. He only drinks water and unsweetened tea. Papa Joe calls his 99 cent store diet HCWB, Healthy Choices Within a Budget.

GMA: Joe Aviance 99 Cent Store Diet & Women Lighter Sleepers Than Men?

Joe Aviance, Papa Joe, started a health and budget revolution with his 99 cent store diet. Also, are women lighter sleepers than men?

Celebrity trainers said that while his diet is inventive and works, you shouldn’t put a price on eating healthy. For big families on a budget, this diet might just save more than a little dough. Joe said he wants to inspire others and get the entire country active. He’s launching a walking tour around the country to get people up and off the couch.


Snoring Problems Keeping Couples In Separate Beds

There is a new epidemic sweeping the country. It’s keeping couples out of bed and up at night. Snoring has become such an issue that 23% of couple have started sleeping in separate spaces. Good Morning America put this health problem to the test. Dr Jennifer Ashton invited a sleep study to her home. Her husband’s snoring causes her to wake up during the night and she doesn’t get a good night’s sleep. He husband sleeps soundly, but she is forced to move to another room.

They invited Dr Wendy Troxil into their home, attached eletrodes and monitors to their chests and went to sleep, all in an effort to start sleeping together again. The first night, they slept in the same bed, the second apart. Together, her husband snored for only 36 minutes and got 20 minutes of deep sleep. Apart, he snored for 96 minutes. There were health benefits for the husband, but what about Jennifer?

Women Are Lighter Sleepers Than Men

Women are lighter sleepers than men. Dr Ashton continued to wake up during the night even when her husband wasn’t snoring. Women are biologically programmed to wake up to things in the environment. Kids, pets, light and snoring husbands all cause little awakenings in the night. To fix these problems, the couple bought a bigger bed, kicked the pets out of the room and locked the door.


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