GMA: Is Melatonin Safe For Your Child? & Back-to-School Photos


GMA: Melatonin Sleep Aid

Good Morning America September 5 tackled a controversial subject regarding extreme parenting. Everyone knows that children need a good night’s sleep, but, how far would you go to give it to them? Would you give your child melatonin and, most importantly, is it safe?

Jessica Banks is a mom of two boys aged ten and six. Each night, she gives her sons 1 1/2 milligrams of Melatonin before bedtime to help them sleep. Jessica reported that before the melatonin, putting her kids to bed was an hour-long process. Before starting melatonin, Jessica had it cleared by several doctors.


Plus, Jessica’s older son has been diagnosed with a form of autism, and it’s been proven that children with autism gain better sleep with Melatonin.

GMA: Is Melatonin Safe?

GMA: Is Melatonin Safe?

GMA investigated if Melatonin can give your child a restful night's sleep.

Dr Judith Owens called Melatonin the body’s “powerful chemical messenger.” It is a natural hormone produced by your body that makes you tired and ready for bed. However, it’s not approved by the FDA. So does natural necessarily mean safe?


Unfortunately, there are no long-term studies that investigate melatonin’s side effects, although headaches, dizziness, and daytime drowsiness have been reported. Vivid dreams and sleep disruption are also possible.

Dr Jennifer Ashton sat down with Elizabeth Vargas to talk more about Melatonin. Dr Ashton said that like any medication, Melatonin can be safe and effective for some children, but we still do not know much about side effects (including how it affects other hormones).

If your child is having trouble sleeping, take him to see his pediatrician. Then, work on establishing a good bedtime routine and cultivating good sleep habits. Never try something like Melatonin without first consulting your child’s doctor.

GMA: The Perfect Back-to-School Photos

As far as I know, I have just one special school time photograph of myself when I was a child; it was my first day of kindergarten, and I’m standing next to my house in my new dress and backpack. It’s a cute photo, but the moms in GMA’s next segment definitely put my photo to shame.

Moms (and Dads) are now taking extreme measures to get the perfect shot of their child heading off to school. What was once just a quick snapshot before heading on the bus is now for many an elaborate process involving sophisticated cameras, props, and themes. Michelle Madhock of said that social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter is the cause of this new phenomenon.

Rebecca, a mom of three young girls, constructs enormous driveway chalk drawings and sets worthy of a magazine photo shoot. Why does she do it? Rebecca didn’t want to brag, but she did say, “let’s be honest, you’re showing off your family!”


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