GMA: Inside Norland Nanny College & Royal Baby Diaper Changing Policy


Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition with Barbra Walters

Taking care of a royal baby is one of the most important and high maintenance roles you can have. Everything is meticulously laid out for the child and you. At Norland College in Bath, England, women train for three years to become the perfect nannies. With a royal baby on the way, it’s never been a better time to be a Norland grad.

How to Be a Norland Nanny: Uniforms

GMA: Inside Norland Nanny College & Royal Baby Diaper Changing Policy

The Royal baby will only get the best – a Norland Nanny. These nannies go to school for three years to get the specific safety training to care for kids.


First things first: you must look the part. Norland nannies wear professional uniforms that they take great pride in. Their hair must always be securely up and they are only permitted to wear stud earrings. Norland nannies must wear flat, lace up shoes so that they do not come off when you are carrying children. Safety first.

The beige uniform, including felt hat, white gloves and bow tie, has barely been updated since 1892. The administration said they are going to update the look, going for a modern 1950s flare.

Norland Nannies Royal Baby Prams

Next up, the prams. You might call them strollers and purchase them at Babies R Us, but these things are intense. Should William and Kate’s little one ride in style in these prams, they will be belted in and covered in a white topped carriage. Apparently, princes love this thing, but I think they probably regret the decision later in life.


Norland College: Changing Diapers

Nappie changing is Brit speak for diaper. I’m not sure if Kate Middleton will favor the linen diapers to Huggies, but the Norland nannies aren’t squeamish around poo. They have a precise way to fold the nappies and use plastic nappie liners. As for wipes, they prefer cotton balls, one at a time. For anyone that has ever changed a full Huggies diaper – ew.

If you want to learn more about what the Royal baby will be doing on a daily basis – more like what the Norland nanny caring for the Royal baby does – tune in to Barbra Walters’ 20/20 special Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition, tonight on ABC at 10 p.m.


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