GMA Extreme Couponing:, Ibotta App Review & Secondipity


Good Morning America: Jump Start January

Good Morning America has featured great fitness workouts and fashion finds to help you Jump Start January. This week, the focus is on money–how to save it, and how to find more of it in your budget. Check out the Ibotta app review and more advice from an expert at extreme couponing.

GMA: Review

GMA Extreme Couponing:, Ibotta App Review & Secondipity

GMA shared an Extreme Couponing mom’s shopping advice to save money on groceries and household items using websites, coupons, and the Ibotta app review.


Amy Robach met a mom named Joni, who has become an expert in saving money. The mother of seven has been featured on the TLC series Extreme Couponing. She spilled some of her insider secrets for saving big with GMA viewers.

Joni said she has even gotten $2,500 back in cash from her spendthrift ways. She recommended using shopping websites such as for online deals, to help you get cash back.

Good Morning America: Gift Cards Gas Rewards

She also recommended buying gift cards at grocery stores that offer discounts on gasoline based on the dollar amount of your purchase. You can build up points for free gas by stocking up on gift cards for places you already plan to shop.


Joni said that she bought so many gift cards at Christmas that she did not have to spend any money on gas for three months.

GMA: Ibotta App Review

Did you know you can take advantage of coupons after you shop? Try a smartphone app such as Ibotta let you scan your purchases using your phone and give you cash back rewards. Joni said she earned $48 in two weeks using the app with things she had already purchased.

Good Morning America: Review

You can also save by shopping at online secondhand stores, which buy returned merchandise and sell it again. Joni recommended, which offers deep discounts up to 75% of products that may be nearly new.

GMA: Shopping Savings Blogs

Joni said she checks blogs to find out about the latest savings and deals. Keeping up with online deals could help you save up to 50% off your grocery bill in just two to three hours per week.

She also said she donates extra goods she collects to local charities that can use the goods. That is a great way to pay the savings forward, right?

Good Morning America: Roasted Chicken Dinner Savings

Two contestants faced off for a chance to quickly grab cash in the GMA money booth. Julie, a California mom, faced off against executive assistant Lydia from Louisiana.

Lydia guessed correctly that you could save $14 by making roast chicken at home instead of picking up fast food to feed your family. She got the chance to step inside the money booth.

GMA Money Booth Cash Total

With 30 seconds on the clock, Lydia had a creative strategy of stuffing cash inside her shirt. It seemed to be very effective. At the end of the show, it was revealed that she snatched up $562.


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