GMA: Dr Richard Besser “Tell Me The Truth, Doctor” & Sunscreen Rules


Dr Richard Besser “Tell Me the Truth, Doctor” Book Review

Dr Richard Besser is the author of the new book, “Tell My the Truth, Doctor: Easy-to-Understand Answers to You Most Confusing and Critical Health Questions.” With the summer sun an issue for most of us (especially those indoor and fair skinned people like myself) Dr Besser wants to make sure we know what’s up with sunscreen. I was shocked by several of these answers. Read this while I run off and buy up all of Target’s SPF 50 in stock.

GMA: Dr Richard Besser "Tell Me The Truth, Doctor" & Sunscreen Rules

Dr Richard Besser debunked the sunscreen myths you’ve been living by and replaced them with a full bottle of SPF 50. If used correctly, it will last a day.


Do you get what you pay for in sunscreen?

No, you don’t, Dr Richard Besser confirms. Studies have shown the the Target and Walmart brands of sunscreen are the best for your buck, and they are also the cheapest.

Is there any point to a sunscreen lower than SPF 15?

Absolutely not, Dr Besser said. Any sunscreen lower than SPF 15 has to have a label on it that says it does not prevent skin cancer. The best way to go is between a 15 and 50 SPF.

Is there such a thing as a water proof sunscreen?

Unfortunately for all of you beach goers, this is a no. There is a water resistant sunscreen, but there is no water proof. Read the labels when buying, because they will tell you just how long the sunscreen is water resistant. You should always put it on every couple of hours just to be safe.


If you are in the sun the whole day, you should use about half a tube of sunscreen.

Yes! While your sunscreen used to last you the whole summer, it should only last a couple of days. If you are in the sun all day, you should use a couple of tablespoons per application, said Dr Besser. This means, you are going to be going through the stuff like wild.


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