GMA: Dr Richard Besser Tell Me the Truth Doctor Review & Medical Myths


GMA: Dr Richard Besser – Tell Me the Truth, Doctor Review

Dr. Richard Besser, a doctor who has helped Robin Roberts with her health for as long as she could remember, has written a new book and he stopped by Good Morning America to discuss how the information in the book can help everyone with their health problems.

Dr. Besser said his book, Tell Me the Truth, Doctor, aims at answering the questions people are afraid to ask their doctors. He said it can be intimidating being in a doctor’s office in a paper robe while this authority figure, the doctor, is checking your tests, telling you about your health and pointing out how you are not taking care of yourself.


GMA: Dr Richard Besser Tell Me the Truth Doctor Review & Medical Myths

Dr Richard Besser stopped by Good Morning America to talk about his new book Tell Me the Truth Doctor, and he answered some medical questions for the audience.

He said the book answers a lot of medical misconceptions because he feels every person should have the ability to take control of their own lives.

Dr Richard Besser: Medical Misconceptions

The audience had a lot of medical misconceptions they wanted to ask about so he took a few questions from the audience to let them know what is a myth and what is truth.


Should I wash pre-washed lettuce? –  No. Dr. Besser said the company washes the product numerous times before sending it out and their facilities are far cleaner than your kitchen.

Can magnetic jewelry improve sports performances? – No. Dr. Besser said there is no science proving magnets or ion bracelets help improve any type of sports performance.

Is tap water just as good as bottled water? – Yes. Dr. Besser said tap water is just as good or even better than bottled water. He said the top two companies that bottle water are simply taking tap water and filtering it. He also pointed out the fact that there are more regulations for tap water than there are for bottled water.

Does eating eggs give you high cholesterol? – No. Eggs are a great source of food and eating one a day is great for your overall health.

Is anti-bacterial soap better than plain soap? – No. Dr. Besser said plain soap and water is just as good as anti-bacterial soap.


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