GMA: DIY Tennis Racket Mirrors & “Safe Kids, Smart Parents” Review


Good Morning America: The Art of “Mantiquing” for Father’s Day

Lara Spencer took up to the Super Bowl of flea markets in Massachusetts for some “mantiquing.” “Mantiquing” involved finding cool things and revamping them with a masculine touch. This is the perfect, simple way to get your dad something original and cool for Father’s Day.

GMA: Turning A Metal Wheel Into a Chandelier & Tennis Racket Mirrors DIY

First, Lara found an old metal wheel. With some chain and cool light bulbs, it became a masculine chandelier. This project was much more involved and needed a professional to do the wiring and drilling.


The second project Lara Spencer took on was an old mahogany chair. It had ripped roping for a seat, which she removed and replaced with cool burlap straps woven together. It was masculine and had “great bones,” meaning the foundation was solid and worth saving.

Next, Lara wanted to bring the elements of old sports to the mix. She found antique tennis rackets and put some mirrors in them. They became a cheap and preppy touch for a man cave or family room.

Good Morning America: Gilles Marini Plays Estranged Dad to Teenage Girls on Switched At Birth

GMA: DIY Tennis Racket Mirrors & "Safe Kids, Smart Parents" Review

Lara Spencer was full of cool DIY projects for Father’s Day. She made some antiques into DIY tennis racket mirrors for just $5.


Gilles Marini made Dancing With The Stars a place where male dancers are encouraged to strip. Now on his hit ABC Family show, Switched At Birth, Marini plays a divorced and estranged father to two girls that were switched at birth. He and his wife took home Daphne, while another family took home their biological daughter, Bay.

In season two, Marini said there will be a lot more edge. He said to expect skin and seduction from his character.

Switched at Birth is on Mondays at 8/7 c on ABC Family.

GMA: Dr Rebecca Bailey “Safe Kids, Smart Parents”

Dr Rebecca Bailey was Jaycee Duggard’s therapist after her kidnapping. She’s written Safe Kids, Smart Parents to help families understand safety without fear.

“Don’t scare your kids, but be clear that they know these stories and they know what’s out there,” she said.

Good Morning America: Protecting Kids Online

Age appropriate information is key when talking to children. Talking to younger kids is different from talking to a teen. Dr Bailey used the analogy of a pool; you teach kids safety when they get into a swimming pool, and you teach them safety when they go out into a bigger world.

The age group at the highest risk for abduction is 10 to 14. They have more freedom and are more likely to be coerced into a situation.

Social media safety is also important. The easiest way to have some control over your kids and the internet is to make the computer in an open room. Dr Bailey encourages having an open dialogue with your kids and help them understand cyber bullying is not OK and there are ways to stop it.


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