GMA: Chris Powell Step Jacks Workout, Extreme Weight Loss Twins Review


Jimmy Kimmel: The Baby Bachelor

Jimmy Kimmel’s nephew Wesley is looking for love. Wesley is single, lives with his parents and loves dinosaurs. In this new spoof, The Baby Bachelor, Kimmel plays the host for Wesley’s love search. Wesley is looking for his wife, at just age three.

The contestants for Wesley’s heart range from around 26 months to 216 months. Ashley is the 26-year-old dental hygienist that can reach the cookie shelf for Wesley. There’s also Jesse, the young stay-at-home daughter looking for a sugar daddy.


My favorite was Tesla, because she was so down-to-earth, but she and five other girls missed the dinosaur ceremony because of nap time. I think that Jesse had something to do with this; she’s always sabotaging things.

In episode two, Wesley gave his top two girls dinosaurs. Gabrielle and Jesse, shocker, got dinos and Ashley was sent packing. Jimmy Kimmel is playing episode three sometime in the near future, but you can catch up on episodes on his YouTube Page.


Good Morning America: Chris Powell Extreme Weight Loss Twins

GMA: Chris Powell Step Jacks Workout, Extreme Weight Loss Twins Review

Chris Powell brought workout tips to Times Square. The premiere of Extreme Weight Loss in May 28 on ABC, featuring twins looking to get in shape. (Joe Seer /

Chris Powell is back with season three of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. The May 28 episode focuses on twins that bonded over stress eating. In their first 90 days, the twins worked on their bodies and their eating habits. They stuck to protein the size of their palm, carbs the size of the fist and fats the size of the thumb. At the end of 90 days, they had lost 200 pounds total.

Chris Powell Extreme Weight Loss: Step Jacks & Almonds For Cravings

Powell said that small promises to yourself are better than big leaps. Try cutting out soda or fast food instead of promising to do 45 minutes of cardio every day. You’ll be amazed at how your body changes.

If you get caught up in cravings, go for a small and filling snack pack. Powell loves almonds and is a paid spokesperson for the California Almond Board.

Chris Powell 5-Minute Workout

Chris Powell is a workout guru. If moving is your problem and your are stuck behind a desk all day, start small. Go for a pain-free range of motion, Powell suggested. Find just five minutes a day to start moving and build up.

While watching television, take the commercial breaks to do step jacks. You take a side lunge and reach down as far as you can, without hurting. Step back together and repeat the move. You work every muscle in your body in a low impact and healthy way.


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