GMA: Chris Harrison The Bachelor, Dating Advice & Bachelor Dating Game


GMA: The Flip Side

The Flip Side is a web series on Yahoo! that flips gender roles. Women pick men up at bars, guys take girls to romantic movies and girls leave the toilet seat down. The also flip the roles of nerds and jocks, parents and kids and the meaning of New Year’s resolutions.


GMA: Chris Harrison The Bachelor Roles Of Dating

Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, came to Good Morning America to talk about the new roles of men and women in the world of dating. He said that the roles have been pushed and not reversed. He thinks that things are still kept in traditional lines, men still propose to women and women still want to be treated special by men. He doesn’t think that anyone wants a complete role reversal.

GMA: Chris Harrison The Bachelor, Dating Advice & Bachelor Dating Game

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison shared dating advice. (s_bukley /

Harrison said that The Bachelorette still works because the men still take control in the dating process. He didn’t seem to think that the women take control in the process at all, but that it is equal between men and women. He thinks that women want equality and also to be treated “like a lady.” Lara Spencer made sure to specify the equality part.


Harrison said that you have to be happy with yourself and admit that another person is not going to fulfill your life. It’s important to know what you like and go after it. Harrison said he is a traditional person who likes the ideas of chivalry and wants a smart person who can be his equal.

GMA: Flirting With Love Bachelor Edition

GMA played a dating game where one man asked three women questions and then picked his perfect date.

Date number one wanted to take him to a small wine bar or somewhere quiet to get to know him. She said that she wanted to met Tony Mendez and Ben Affleck, because she had just seen the movie Argo.

Date number two thought the perfect date would be going to Iceland and relaxing in hotsprings while watching the Northern Lights. She gave the bachelor her best worst pickup line, “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.” Date number three described herself as funny, hard working and always up for a good time. The bachelor picked date number two.


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