GMA: Amy Webb Online Dating Advice & Data: A Love Story Book Review


GMA: Online Dating Profiles

It’s getting harder to meet people organically, so women and men are turning to online dating to socialize and meet new people. You create a profile and post photos and hope that someone will email you to set up a date based on just the impression they get from your profile. One woman has cracked the code of online dating and is helping women perfect their profiles.

GMA: Data: A Love Story 

GMA: Amy Webb Online Dating Advice & Data: A Love Story Book Review

Tweaking your online dating profile could give you some big results.


Amy Webb had just come out of a long term relationship and decided to find love online. She created a profile, but wasn’t getting any hits from the kind of guy she wanted to be with. Webb, who advises Fortune 100 companies, decided to do research into the kind of women that would be attracted to the guy she wanted.

She created 10 different male profiles fitting the different archetypes she had researched. She then interacted with women that came up as matches and found that her profile was seriously lacking. After concluding her research and tweaking her profile, she met the man that became her husband within a month.

Data: A Love Story is full of tips and ways to make your profile what it needs to be to see results in online dating.


GMA: Amy Webb Online Dating Advice

It’s all about marketing yourself, Webb said. You need to make yourself come across well in writing so that you get the matches and meet the men you want.

Don’t underestimate the power of your profile picture. You should avoid posting photos with friends in them, because that will just give you more competition for attention. To put your best self out there, don’t put photos of yourself drinking or smoking. Three to five photos are all you need and you should ask an unbiased opinion on which ones you choose.

Make it positive and light. Sarcasm is hard to get across in writing, so keep your profile “light, bright and tight,” advises Webb. Don’t talk yourself down because no one really wants a Debbie Downer.

Try not to intimidate potential dates. Webb helped one woman by taking off how much she loved dancing. She said that posting a lot about the dancing was intimidating the men. Let them find out those fun facts once you get the date.


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