GMA: 13 Things Shoe Salespeople Don’t Tell You About Shoe Shopping


GMA: 13 Things Shoe Salespeople Don’t Tell You About Shoe Shopping

Good Morning America March 21 2013 had the 13 things shoe salespeople don’t tell you about shoe shopping. GMA said there were 13 tips in this segment, but I only counted five. What’s up with that, GMA? Anyway, here are five tips to keep you smart in the shoe store:

  1. Don’t shoe shop in the morning. Throughout the day, your feet swell. If you go after 2 p.m., your feet will be at their maximum size and it’s the opportune time to shoe shop.
  2. The rule for finding a good fit for a shoe is that a finger in the front is okay, but a finger in the heel while standing means the shoes are too big.
  3. For athletic shoes, bring your own socks. As a side note, I’d just like to say that using the community socks that a shoe store will provide for you if you need them is disgusting. Why do they even have socks you can borrow?
  4. If you see a deal online that you like, but you want to try on the shoes at your local store, print out the deal or display it on your smartphone to show the people at the shoe store. A lot of times they’ll match the price or even give it to you for a lower price. Plus, you’ll have the shoes instantly and you’ll be supporting local merchants.
  5. Buy seasonal shoes toward the end of that season. Right now is a great time to buy boots, for example.

    GMA: 13 Things Shoe Salespeople Don't Tell You About Shoe Shopping

    Can’t decide which shoe to buy? Well luckily, GMA had “13” tips for you March 21 2013.

GMA: Liz Vaccariello Shoe Advice

Liz Vaccariello, editor of Reader’s Digest, came by to talk about shoes. She had some more tips for us. Is this part of the 13 tips? I’m going to say it is.

  1. If there’s a shoe salesperson willing to measure your feet, make sure you do it. There’s a lot more to size then you think.
  2. Men shouldn’t shop with other people. Researchers have found that if a man shops with a companion, he’s 56 percent more likely to buy something. Researchers think it’s because they like to show off their knowledge and purchasing power.
  3. Shoe retailers sometimes use “charm pricing,” the 99 or 95 cents at the end of a dollar. It’s a subtle trick to make you think you’re getting a bargain when in reality it’s closer to the next dollar up.
  4. Shoppers do a lot of things to annoy shoe salespeople. One of these things is that if you aren’t a sample shoe size, don’t try to smash your foot in there. It only damages the shoe.
  5. Another one is that if you really need some foot powder, no one would mind if you use it.

Um, GMA? Those were great tips, but Liz Vaccariello’s added to yours only equals 10, not 13. And those last two were kind of insulting.

GMA: Three More Shoe Buying Tips

I’m not going to leave you hanging, though, so here are three more tips from my own personal collection:

  1. If you’re looking for a specialty shoe, like a cowboy boot or skateboarding shoe, don’t be afraid to go to a specialty shoe store. I’m often disappointed when big department stores like Walmart or even clothing stores like Kohls don’t have exactly what I’m looking for.
  2. Do a lot of research beforehand. There’s nothing worse than buying a shoe and then having it break down on you a month or two later. What is truly the best shoe for your money?
  3. If the shoe doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. No matter how cool it looks, you just can’t buy special insoles or wear bigger socks. It’s going to slide around. Make sure the shoe you buy is one that you actually want.

There we go. Thirteen tips. I told you I wasn’t going to let you down.


What are your shoe shopping tips? What’s the best shoe you’ve ever purchased? Tell me in the comments!


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