Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister Gets No Love From Tywin Or Cersei


Game Of Thrones Season Three Premiere

When we left King’s Landing last season, the war was over. Stannis Baratheon went back home to Dragonstone with his tail between his legs. Tyrion Lannister was bloodied, but brought back to life after being attacked by his sister’s assassin in battle. Tywin Lannister rode into King’s Landing on his white charger to save the day and take all of Tyrion’s glory. Then, the lovely Sansa Stark was pushed aside for Margery Tyrell. Things were looking up for the city that had been in turmoil for most of season teo.

Game Of Thrones: Tyrion’s Battle

Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister Gets No Love From Tywin Or Cersei

Things are looking up in Kings Landing, but Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is getting no love from his family. (Jaguar PS /


My favorite character in this entire series is Tyrion. Peter Dinklage is the best actor on this show and any scene he is in is automatically magic. The poor guy never gets respect or recognition for his smarts and actions in battle. He’s been shoved in a closet after losing the Tower of the Hand to his stinking father. Tywin, you waste of space. I can’t wait to see you fall.

Tyrion is in a dark, cluttered spare room of the castle. His face is scarred, but not as badly as the books depicted it. I expect it would be rather hard to get Tyrion’s nose to disappear with makeup. Instead, Dinklage sports a nasty red scar across his right cheek and left brow.

Cersei paid her little brother a visit, obviously on her own agenda. No one in this family cares about Tyrion unless it will somehow further them in the game. Cersei chucks the whole win against Stannis to their father. She fears now that Tyrion is going to expose her affair with their brother, Jaime, to Tywin. As if Tywin has no idea that Jaime and Cersei have been getting it on. She doesn’t want Tyrion to slander her and her children.


“It’s not slander if it’s true,” Tyrion reminded his sister.

She made a half promise to find him a better room, but we’ll see if she actually follows through. She has bigger fish to fry.

Game Of Thrones: Tywin Lannister Hand Of the King

Tyrion paid his father a visit, which turned into the saddest moment in father-son history. Tywin began by criticizing Tyrion’s actions as Hand of the King. Tyrion said he was hurt that his father never stood by his sick bed when he almost lost his life. Let’s remember that King Joffrey was safe inside the Red Keep during the battle. Tyrion just wanted some recognition for his service to the Crown.

Tywin balked at this, saying that no one gets applause for menial tasks. Tyrion told his father he wants what is rightly his – Casterly Rock. His brother Jaime is forbidden to marry or take on his inheritance as a member of the Kings Guard. By rights, the family home and lands go to Tyrion.

Tywin told his youngest son that he would rather be eaten by maggots that give him Casterly Rock. Ouch. He went on to blame Tyrion for killing his mother in childbirth and for being an abomination. I’m confident that Tywin Lannister is the most evil character since Lord Voldemort.


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