Game of Thrones: Shae Protects Sansa & Margaery Manipulates Joffrey


Game of Thrones: Joffrey’s Wedding

With the weeks to Joffrey’s wedding getting fewer we are seeing a new side of the blonde monster. In episode two, Joff got new clothes while his mommy sat and watched. She tried to down talk his bride, Margaery Tyrell, and to get Joff to come back into her motherly embrace. Cersei is a little too dependent on her children and Joff is pushing her away for favor of Margaery. He wants to be manly for his new queen.

Sophie Turner (right) did a fantastic job this week. Her portrait of an abused woman was powerful. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

Sophie Turner (right) did a fantastic job this week. Her portrait of an abused woman was powerful. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


Game of Thrones: Joffrey Baratheon & Margaery Tyrell

Margaery came to Joff’s chambers to get to know him better. Joff told her he was leaving on a hunting trip and Margaery ran with that. She expressed great interest in shooting things and Joff’s new weapon, an advanced crossbow.

Joff tried to find out why Margaery never slept with Renly Baratheon, his uncle. Yes, Joff is marrying his aunt-in-law and his father is his uncle. Joff wanted to speak ill about Renly, but Margaery did an excellent job on manipulating the monster into new topics. Margaery spilled the beans about Renly’s sexuality and it was no shock to Joff.

Game of Thrones: Lunch With the Tyrells

Sweet Sansa Stark is still a captive of King’s Landing. She and her handmaiden, Shae, have gotten closer. Last week, Sansa tried to strike a deal with the evil Peter Baelish. This week, Sansa was warned by Shae to be careful with Little Finger. Shae told her that men only want one thing from pretty little girls.


Sansa was then called to lunch with Margaery and her grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell. While it seemed like a lunch of courtesy, it had an underlying motive. They wanted to know what Joff is really like.

Lady Olenna and Margaery made Sansa aware that it is safe for her to tell the truth. I think that Sophie Turner deserves an award for her role as Sansa. She made the perfect portait of an abused woman. I wanted to cry watching her tell how Joff was a monster to her. She told the ladies that he showed her father no mercy, beheaded him and forced her to stare at her father’s head.

Game of Thrones: Shae & Tyrion

While Sansa was at lunch, Shae visited Tyrion. While Tyrion tried to resist her feminine charms, he eventually gave in to her. Shae wants to protect Sansa and begged Tyrion to help her. He wasn’t surprised that Little Finger has feelings for Sansa, but it seems that Tyrion may have feelings for her as well.

This did not please Shae, but at the end of the day he is in her bed, not Sansa’s. Tyrion said that they are in a dangerous place with dangerous people.


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