Game of Thrones: Crasters Keep + Night’s Watch & Dany Buys Unsullied


Game of Thrones April 14 2013 Preview

On episode three of season three, things are heating up. We return to Astapor, where Daenerys is buying 8,000 eunuch soldiers. Let’s hope this is not one of those splurging purchases. Theon is going to get rescued by a friend of the family. Mance Rayder wants to throw Jon Snow off the Wall. Stannis wants to make another son with Melisandre and the Night’s Watch gets to Craster’s Keep.

On April 14 2013, Dany decides to buy 8,000 eunuch soldiers to help her take back the Iron Throne.

On April 14 2013, Dany decides to buy 8,000 eunuch soldiers to help her take back the Iron Throne.


Game of Thrones: The Mother

On April 14 we see Dany’s motherly instincts growing. She has decided to buy all 8,000 of the Unsullied to save them and the people of Astapor. 8,000 eunuchs trained to kill doesn’t come cheap. Dany is going to have to give up something she loves to get her dream army. Is she prepared to make the sacrifice?

Game of Thrones: Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy is a horrible human being, but he’s getting rescued from his torture chamber. A friend of his sister has come to release him. Theon is shown running off on a horse, but will he get far enough away?

Game of Thrones: Stannis Wants a Son

To enhance his claim to the throne Stannis Baratheon needs a son. His wife is too fragile and they only have a daughter, Shireen. Stannis and the Red Priestess got it on in season two, creating a horrible shadow spawn that killed Renly. While I’m still recovering from that scaring birth scene, Stannis thinks he wants another son. He clearly didn’t see what we saw. On April 14, Stannis has the talk with Melisandre about having another kid. I think someone should discuss the birds and the shadow creatures with Stannis first.


Game of Thrones: Craster’s Keep

Creepy old man Craster is getting house guests on April 14. He already has a full house with his daughter wives and their babies. Last season we saw Craster and the Night’s Watch coming to the end of their relationship. I don’t think this will go well. Also, Sam is going to run into Gilly, the daughter wife having a baby boy. You don’t want to know what Craster does with baby boys. Will Sam the Slayer step up and save the woman he has a crush on?


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