Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Meets Mance Rayder & Samwell Fights Whites


Game Of Thrones Season Three Premiere

When we last saw Samwell Tarly he was facing a hoard of Whites. He sat, shivering, cold, probably wetting his pants, as a Dothraki White screamed into the air. We all thought that was the end of Samwell “Piggy” Tarly.

The wait is over. In true Game of Thrones fashion we were left on an amazing cliffhanger last year. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one screaming at my television in frustration. In the meantime, I have been reading up on my Game of Thrones and I had high hopes for tonight’s premiere.


Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Meets Mance Rayder & Samwell Fights Whites

Why so brooding, Jon Snow? Where has the season three premiere placed the Night’s Watch? (Helga Esteb /

If you don’t want spoilers, I suggest you stop reading now. But, if you’re like me and are dying to know what happened next I encourage you to read on.

Game Of Thrones: Samwell Tarly

I’m actually glad that the season opened with Samwell. Something happened with that Dothraki Wight and Samwell miraculously got away. Knowing that Game of Thrones likes to deviate from the books, with G.R.R. Martin’s blessings, things could still change with Sam’s plot line.


Remember all of that obsidian/dragon glass that Samwell and the rangers (wouldn’t that be a sweet band name?) found at the end of season two? Well, in the book Samwell uses that to slay the Wight. Season three just opened with him running away after a 10 second black screen. We heard blades meeting in the blackness, but I’m hoping that episode two will reveal what happened.

Game Of Thrones: The Wall In Trouble

Samwell ran away after that scuffle with the Whites to find the corpse of one of his brothers and more undead. Luckily, Lord Mormont and the army of Night’s Watchmen saved Samwell. Not so luckily, Sam didn’t send off the ravens to warn the Wall of the coming Whites.

Lord Mormont said they had better get back to the Wall before everyone dies.

Game Of Thrones: Where In the World Is Jon Snow?

Last time we saw Jon Snow he had killed the Halfhand to get on the Wildlings good side. Halfhand told him to do this and anything he had to in order to get inside the Wildling’s secrets. Jon takes his honor and vows very seriously, so this was hard for him. Ygritte and the other Wildlings took him to their camps to speak with the kind beyond the wall Mance Rayder.

Poor Jon Snow is now brooding with the Wildlings. He met with Mance, who looks nothing like a king. Mance has giants under his control, which is really bad news for the Wall.

Mance asked Jon why he wanted to switch sides. Jon’s first answer was freedom, which Mance almost laughed at. Mance asked him if he left because of a hero complex. Jon told him the story of staying at Craster’s Keep. Craster is the guy that marries his own daughters and then breeds more daughters. He weirdly has no sons and Jon found out why. He saw Craster giving his baby boys to creatures in the forest. Whites. Jon was upset that the Lord Commander knew this and did nothing, so he told Mance he wishes to fight for the living.


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