Game of Thrones Ep 2: Arya Stark, Bran Stark & Jaime Lannister Return


Game Of Thrones April 7 2013 Preview

Next week on Game of Thrones we get to see more of what our favorite characters have been up to the last year. We’ve already caught up with Tyrion and Sansa, but their brothers have yet to make a big splash in season three. There isn’t much to go off for next week, but here’s what I know based on the book.

Game Of Thrones: Arya Stark Season Three

Game of Thrones Ep 2: Arya Stark, Bran Stark & Jaime Lannister Return

On April 7 2013, episode two of Game of Thrones brings back Arya Stark (Maisie Williams). (Helga Esteb /


Coming up for Westeros’ toughest girl, we’re going to see her take a new direction. Season two saw her on the run with Gendry and Hot Pie. She got Jaqen H’aghar to kill some of the people on her hit list, but the list still has a ways to go. Arya wants justice for what the Lannisters did to the Starks.

Arya is going to meet up with a new band of misfits with their own agenda. I don’t want to give too much away, but Arya better not give these men the benefit of the doubt.

Game Of Thrones: Bran Stark Season Three

Bran and Rickon have gone into the woods on their way north with Osha and Hodor. They’re on high alert and are hoping to lay low. They just have to get to the Wall and hopefully Jon Snow, Bran’s half brother, can offer them sanctuary. That is, if Jon is actually there.


Bran’s group is about to meet up with the Reeds, a new set of characters I’m excited for this season. Jojen is a green seer and he has visions. His sister Meera and Bran start to have a nice chemistry. The Reeds are great characters in the book and I’m excited to see what the show does with them.

Game Of Thrones: Jaime Lannister Season Three

Season one Jaime was on a roll and doors opened left and right for him. Season two humbled him as a prisoner in Robb Stark’s camp. He was last seen traveling back to King’s Landing with Catelyn Stark’s blessing. The deal was that he would send Arya and Sansa back with Brienne of Tarth. Jaime still has a long way to King’s Landing and things with Brienne are only going to get rockier. Be on the lookout for outlaws, Jaime.


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