Game of Thrones: Bran Stark Meets Jojen Reed & Where Is Theon Greyjoy?


Game of Thrones: Bran Stark

When we saw Bran at the end of season two he was entering a dark place. Well, literally he was emerging from the crypts of Winterfell, a dark place, and was heading toward the Wall. Theon Greyjoy had set fire to Winterfell and departed with his people by force. Bran and Rickon were traveling north with Hodor and Osha.

Episode two of season three found Bran in a dream, standing in the woods. He is of course crippled from his fall. His older brothers stood by his side and egged him on while he tried to practice archery. The raven with three eyes appeared and fluttered in front of Bran.


Theon Greyjoy set Winterfell on fire and burned it to the ground. Now he's being tortured and the Starks are on the run.

Theon Greyjoy set Winterfell on fire and burned it to the ground. Now he’s being tortured and the Starks are on the run.

Game of Thrones: Meet the Reeds

We then met Jojen Reed. The character I’ve been most excited about meeting this season, Jojen, appears in Bran’s dream and tells him he can’t kill the raven. Why can’t Bran kill the raven? Because Bran is the raven.

A little while later, Bran woke up from another dream to find Osha and Summer the direwolf standing on guard. You could hear the shifting trees and leaves. Osha ran off, leaving Bran in Summer’s watch. Jojen Reed emerged from the trees, for real this time, and introduced himself to Summer and Bran. Summer sniffed him and walked away.


Jojen found Osha’s spear at his neck and told her he was unarmed. His sister Meera put a blade to Osha’s throat, ending the threats. Jojen walked up to Bran and said they’d come a long way to find Bran and have a lot farther to go.

Game of Thrones: Wargs

Jojen and Meera joined the band of Winterfell refugees on their way to the wall. Jojen and Bran talked about wargs, people that can put themselves into an animal and see through their eyes. Sometimes they can even control the possessed.

Jojen is a green seer. He sees the future and has even seen how he will die. He knows that Bran matters to this war and wants to help him.

Game of Thrones: Where Is Theon Greyjoy?

Remember that one time that Theon thought it would be a great idea to take over Winterfell? Then remember how he went mad with power and made poor life decisions? Remember that time he got hit over the head with a sword? Good times. Good times.

So where is Theon now? If the show were going by the book, we wouldn’t even be seeing him this season. Shockingly, Theon made an appearance in episode two. He was strapped to a wooden X, naked. Men were torturing him to find out why he took Winterfell.

If you get queasy easily, turn away. Theon had his fingernails ripped out and a clamp tightened on his foot. Blood and nastiness everywhere. Theon said he took Winterfell for his father’s glory. They didn’t like that answer and tightened the clamp. Then he said it was for freedom from the Starks, who fed, clothed and cared for Theon all his life. Theon Greyjoy, you suck.


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