Game of Thrones: Arya Stark Exposed To Brotherhood & Beyond The Wall


Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Sam and Jon are still beyond the Wall. Sam is running from White Walkers with the Night’s Watch. Jon is trying to fit into the camp with Wildlings.

There is trouble beyond the wall with giants and Job Snow, but also in front of it, with Arya and her band of misfits. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

There is trouble beyond the wall with giants and Job Snow, but also in front of it with Arya and her band of misfits. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


Game of Thrones: Sam Stops

After running from White Walkers for days, Sam was tired. What’s left of their ranging group is on their way to Craster’s Keep. More on that next week. Sam decided he couldn’t go on. He sat down and was ready to give up.

Lord Commander Mormont came to the back of their line and told Sam he is not allowed to die. Maybe because it’s a direct order Sam will follow it.

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Meets Wargs

Last week, Jon met his first giants. His face was priceless and I didn’t think he was capable of anything greater. Then he met a warg. Wargs can possess animals and take control of their minds.


The warg told Mance Rayder that he saw the Fist of the First men during his time as an eagle that day. He said he saw many dead crows.

Game of Thrones: Arya’s Band Of Misfits

Arya, Hot Pie and Gendry have escaped Harrenhall with the help of J’aqen Hagar. Gendry was furious when Arya told him about the three death wishes. Why didn’t she choose Tywin Lannister or King Joffrey? The world may never know.

Game of Thrones: The Brotherhood

Since the beginning, Arya has wanted people to know that she is a girl. Now I feel like she would love to be called boy again. The band of misfits found a group of outlaws on the road called The Brotherhood. They were singing “The Rains Of Castamere,” the Lannister’s theme song. Sounds like bad news bears to me.

Turns out The Brotherhood didn’t want to hurt them, only find out what they were doing. The bought the three of them hot food and ale. Arya tried to convince the men that she would be an excellent swordsman, but was beaten embarrassingly.

Arya might have gotten out fine, that is if Sandor Clegane hadn’t walked into the pub. He looked right at her and asked The Brotherhood what they were doing with the long lost Stark girl.

In true Game of Thrones style, we’ll have to wait for next week for the answers to this week’s cliffhangers.


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