Ellen: Dr Neal Barnard Power Foods & Blueberries Improve Memory


Dr Neal Barnard: Food to Help You Sleep

Ellen calls her friend Dr Neal Barnard for food advice. She recently had trouble sleeping and he had foods that will help you get better snooze.

Complex carbs, like pasta, will trigger seratonin in the brain to help you get a good night’s sleep. Pairing pasta wil meat will knock out the effects of the pasta and your sleep will be affected. This is contrary to popular belief that protein before bed is better.


Ellen: Dr Neal Barnard Power Foods & Blueberries Improve Memory

Dr Neal Barnard presented a group of foods that will improve you memory and get you a better night’s sleep. White bread is better than warm milk for sleep.

Another thing that helps sleep is getting up and stretching and yawning before bed. Dogs, cats, and little kids do this instinctually, but adults are more likely to read a book and rest before bed. Dr Neal Barnard said that to improve your slumber you need to stretch and yawn to trigger the brain into a better sleep. You should start this a half an hour before bed and do it four times before sleeping.

Say you wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep. Dr Barnard said to get to get out some white bread and have two slices of it. This will kick the seratonin back into gear and you won’t have any groggy side effects in the morning.


Bad Fats in Donuts, Cheese and Meats

Donuts and pastries have transfats and meats and cheese have saturated fats. These are bad because they cause the blood to flow slowly and the brain doesn’t get the right amount of oxygen. If you want to kick some of the bad fats out of your sweets, try adding applesauce to the recipe instead of the oil and eggs.

Super Foods Grapes & Sweet Potatos Improve & Protect

Researchers noticed the having a glass of wine reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, but it’s not the alcohol that does this. Grapes and blueberries are very good for improving memory and kicking out Alzheimer’s. Over a three month period, these fruits improve memory and recall.

Sweet potatos contain beta carotine and zero bad fats, they are good for protecting the brain. Beans are also a great super food for your brain.

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Grizzly Bear Performs “Yet Again” from Shields

Ellen loves Grizzly Bear so much. They started as an underground rockbank in New York, recording their songs on handheld recorders. The music then circulated through New York and became a huge sensation. They’ve gained a big indie following, and thanks to Ellen they will have more mainstream listeners.

Grizzly Bear performed “Yet Again,” from their new album Shields. You can get Grizzly Bear’s music on iTunes and Amazon.

Fast & Furious 6 Premiere in London with Stacy & Jeanie

Ellen sent her audience member Stacy and her friend Jeanie to London for the Fast & Furious 6 premiere. Stacy and Jeanie get really, really excited. They taught Paul Walker to get excited while riding the London Eye ferris wheel. Vin Diesel taught the ladies how to act cool by leaning on a car. Stacy took it as a cue to lean on Vin Diesel.

Their favorite part of the movie was Michelle Rodriguez’s fight. She took Jeanie and Stacy into a wrestling ring to learn the basics of stage, and real, fighting. They also brought the cast Ellen underwear that said “I’m fast and furious” on the butt.


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