Steven Tyler, Timothy Olyphant & Chris Young: Ellen August 7 2012 Recap


Ellen August 7 2012

The Ellen August 7 2012 show included visits from Aerosmith rock star and American Idol judge Steven Tyler, as well as country artist Chris Young and Justified star Timothy Olyphant. Check out what you missed on Ellen August 7 2012.

Ellen: Cat Plays with Bird Video & Perfume Problems

If you had to capture Ellen’s essence in a fragrance, what would it smell like? Before she could wear it out, you’d apparently have to teach her how to safely apply it, so she doesn’t spray herself in the eye again. Also, Ellen showed off another cat video, this time featuring a bird encounter.


Ellen: Cat Plays with Bird Video & Perfume Problems

Steven Tyler on American Idol, Aerosmith & Addiction

Steven Tyler: Ellen August 7 2012 Recap

Ellen August 7 2012 included a chat with American Idol judge Steven Tyler, Justified's Timothy Olyphant, and a performance by Chris Young. (s_bukley /

Steven Tyler has had a storied career, and he finally put some of those stories down on paper in his memoir, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? He visited Ellen in January 2012 for a candid chat about his struggles with addiction and his career with Aerosmith. Since this episode originally aired, Steven Tyler has announced he is leaving his role as an Idol judge.


Ellen: Steven Tyler on American Idol, Aerosmith & Addiction

Ellen: Steven Tyler Did Cocaine Onstage During Concerts

Steven Tyler’s experiences with drugs can sound outrageous, even for the life of a rock & roll star. But after years of drug abuse and hard living, Steven told Ellen that he has finally turned his life around. What caused his change of heart?

Ellen: Steven Tyler Did Cocaine Onstage During Concerts

Steven Tyler on Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga & Snooki

During the two seasons that Steven Tyler served as a judge on Idol, you never knew what he was going to say next (or what grandma outfit he might wear). Ellen took advantage of his candor to get Steven’s opinions on a variety of boldface names in the news lately, including infamous actor Charlie Sheen, rising pop sensation Lady Gaga, and reality TV princess Snooki. What did Steven have to say?

Ellen: Steven Tyler on Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga & Snooki

Ellen: Chris Young ‘You’ Performance

Country musician Chris Young visited Ellen’s stage to perform his hit song “You,” from his latest album, Neon. The song has been a top 10 hit for Chris on the country charts, and he has been called part of the next generation of country music.

Ellen: Chris Young ‘You’ Performance & Neon MP3 Album Download

Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant: Shiloh Shepherds & Ellen Underwear

From the popular FX crime series Justified, actor Timothy Olyphant joined Ellen to talk about the hit drama’s third season, which aired this spring. Find out about Timothy’s beautiful dogs, and why he isn’t a cat person. Plus, he took an opportunity to be the latest to weigh in on Ellen’s complimentary underwear.

Ellen: Timothy Olyphant Shiloh Shepherds & Ellen Underwear Review


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