Cee Lo Green & Miranda Kerr: Ellen September 7 2012 Recap


Ellen September 7 2012

Ellen September 7 2012 was the last summer encore episode before Ellen kicks off all new shows for her 10th season, premiering September 10 2012. This show featured appearances by Cee Lo Green, Miranda Kerr, and talented sisters Chloe & Halle Bailey. Check out this look back at Ellen September 7 2012.

Ellen: Embarrassing Facebook Photos

Cee Lo Green: Ellen September 7 2012 Recap

Cee Lo Green reflected on the life of Whitney Houston and his role on 'The Voice' with Ellen September 7 2012. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Would you be willing to show Ellen your most embarrassing Facebook photo in exchange for a great prize? That’s one of the many questions audience members have to ask themselves before attending a taping of Ellen’s show. Today, the lucky victims received the Samsung Galaxy Tab for their trouble.

Ellen in Titanic 3D & Awesome Album Covers

When Titanic 3D returned to theaters this year, Ellen knew she had to be a part of it. Find out how she managed to worm her way into the blockbuster movie, which made its first big splash 15 years ago. Plus, Ellen’s audience sent her even more outrageous old album covers.

The Voice‘s Cee Lo Green on Whitney Houston

Next week, The Voice will unleash another season. If it seems like the last one just ended, you’re right. It was only four months ago. See what Cee Lo had to say back then about the death of Whitney Houston. He also explained the origins of that white cat in his lap, which inspired Ellen’s newest favorite game, What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap? What does The Voice coach think of that?


Chloe & Halle Bailey: “Without You” David Guetta Cover

Ellen is always finding new talent thanks to YouTube and scores of singers and musicians waiting to be discovered. She invited two sisters, Chole & Halle Bailey to return to the show and perform one of their latest covers, this time of the David Guetta song “Without You.” You can bet these two sisters have a future in music, if they want it. Don’t forget that Ellen has her own record label now.

Miranda Kerr: Treasure Yourself Review

She’s the classy gal who snagged Orlando Bloom. She’s also a Victoria’s Secret model who wants to use her powers for good. Check out what inspired Miranda Kerr to write Treasure Yourself as a message to young girls.


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