Megan Fox & Carson Daly: Ellen July 23 2012 Recap


Ellen July 23 2012

With movie stars and magic tricks, the Ellen July 23 2012 episode had plenty of ways to entertain audiences of all ages. Check out what guests Carson Daly and Megan Fox had to talk about with Ellen DeGeneres, and learn about the mind blowing magic tricks that left Ellen’s audience stunned. Check out what you missed on Ellen July 23 2012.

Ellen’s Pronunciation Manual: How To Pronounce Croissant

Megan Fox: Ellen July 23 2012 Recap

Ellen July 23 2012 featured tattoo advice from Friends With Kids star Megan Fox & kids birthday party ideas with The Voice host Carson Daly.


If it’s too hot to let your kids go outside and play this week, there are always YouTube videos to keep them distracted. Ellen loves the YouTube Pronunciation Manual, and she learned its unique and hilariously wrong interpretations of words like New Orleans and Croissant.

Ellen: How To Pronounce Croissant & Wells Fargo Tornado Relief

Megan Fox Favorite TV Show: Ancient Aliens

Megan Fox has a girl crush on a famous blonde lady we all know and love (hint: it’s Ellen!). Could you ever confess your celebrity crush to his or her face? The actress opened up about why she thinks Ellen’s so great, and her surprising favorite guilty pleasure TV series, Ancient Aliens.


Megan Fox Crush on Ellen DeGeneres & Ancient Aliens TV Show

Ellen: Megan Fox in Friends With Kids

Megan Fox’s latest movie was the indie romantic comedy with a twist, Friends With Kids. She is not a mother herself, but she did share some advice with all the young people in Ellen’s audience. Find out what Megan Fox had to say to everyone about getting tattoos at a young age.

Ellen: Megan Fox Friends With Kids & Tattoo Removal

Magician Justin Willman: Bald Dollar Bill & Cupcake Tricks

Have you ever seen a bald George Washington on a dollar bill? Now Ellen’s entire audience can say they have. Ellen loves magic, and it’s not hard to see why when you watch a passionate artist like Justin Willman pull off something so complex and amazing. See what he was up to on Ellen’s stage.

Ellen: Magician Justin Willman Bald Dollar Bill & Cupcake Trick

Carson Daly: The Voice & Kids Theme Birthday Parties

Unlike fellow Ellen guest Megan Fox, busy TV personality Carson Daly is already an experienced parent. In fact, he was recently responsible for coordinating a birthday party, which he said made him feel a lot of pressure. Find out why the stakes were so high for the host of The Voice and Last Call.

Ellen: Carson Daly The Voice & Kids Theme Birthday Parties

Ellen: Justin Willman Audience Tweet

Justin Willman returned to conclude Ellen’s show with an encore magic trick that brought the entire studio audience to their feet. How did he do that? But first, Carson Daly played a game with Ellen, attempting to identify celebrities based solely on the sound of their voices.

Ellen: Carson Daly The Voices Game & Justin Willman Audience Tweet


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