Madonna Helped Ellen DeGeneres Come Out & Material Girl Super Bowl


Ellen DeGeneres June 17 2013 Recap

Ellen and Madonna really hit it off, so why not enjoy and hour of this twosome on Monday June 17 2013? Ellen and the Material Girl catch up on life, love and what Madonna’s next million dollar project will entail.

Material Girl: Ellen & Madonna Related & Enjoy Krug Rose Champagne

Kick back and cure your Mondays with Ellen, Madonna and a glass of Kru Rose Champagne. The power women talk about the fact that they are semi-closely related, proving that genius dose run in the family.


Ellen: Madonna Drinks Krug Rose Champagne & Is Related to Ellen

Madonna Helped Ellen DeGeneres Come Out & 2012 Super Bowl Performance

Ellen DeGeneres June 17 2013. Ellen had a special interview with the Material Girl Madonna. She learned to Vogue and wore a corset for the occasion. (s_bukley /

Ellen: Super Bowl Performance & A Day in the Life of Madonna

Madonna’s life is not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. No, the Material Girl has to work hard to stay on top of things. Ellen gets the scoop on how Madonna’s Super Bowl performance was designed.


Ellen: Day in the Life of Madonna & Hectic Super Bowl Moments on Stage

Madonna Word Association & Helping Ellen DeGeneres Come Out

It’s no wonder Ellen and Madonna are close. Madonna helped Ellen when she came out in 1997, even though they didn’t know each other.

Ellen Madonna Helped Ellen When She Came Out & Ellen Word Associations

Madonna’s Corset Gift to Ellen & Dancers Show Off Vogue Dance Moves

Ellen loves to dance, but she had to squeeze into her corset before she could get to the stage. It was a big change from her usual button ups and sweaters.

Ellen Madonna’s Dancers Show Their Moves & Ellen Gets a Madonna Corset

Ellen Learns to Vogue & Madonna Audience Trivia

How well do you know Madonna? Try your hand at some Know Madonna or Go Madonna trivia. Also, Madonna gives Ellen a one-on-one lesson in Vogue-ing.

Ellen Learns to Vogue & The Audience Plays Know Madonna or Go Madonna

Ellen Gives Madonna Gifts to Everyone & Madonna Dunks Son Rocco

You can’t celebrate Madonna without giving people stuff! She is a material girl and this is a material world. Everyone got some of her Truth or Dare Perfume and her new album MDNA. Then, Madonna dunked her son Rocco.

Ellen: Madonna Dunks Her Son Rocco & Gives the Audience Madonna Gifts


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