Kristin Chenoweth & Bully Documentary: Ellen June 5 2012 Recap


Ellen June 5 2012

The bullying epidemic seems to have hit critical mass in America’s schools. Even though class is out for the summer, there are still strides to be made, and the Ellen June 5 2012 episode included a heartfelt story from one family tragically affected by bullying. Plus, Ellen chatted with Kristin Chenoweth and featured music by Nelly Furtado and K’naan. Check out all the highlights and segments from the Ellen June 5 2012 show.

Ellen’s JC Penney Flash Mob

Kristin Chenoweth: Ellen June 5 2012

Singer & actress Kristin Chenoweth visited Ellen June 5 2012, which also featured the Long family from Bully. (lev radin /


You may remember that One Million Moms tried to get Ellen fired in early 2012 from her new celebrity endorsement gig with JC Penney. As if in response, the department stores have doubled down, coming out with a Father’s Day ad featuring two gay dads with their kids. In support of Ellen and JC Penney, fans staged a flash mob at one of the company’s stores.

Ellen’s Heron Twitter Advice & JC Penney Flash Mob Video

Ellen & Kristin Chenoweth Vs One Million Moms

Ellen’s friend Kristin Chenoweth can sympathize with scrutiny from conservative groups. As one of the stars of this spring’s primetime soap GCB, which satirized hypocrisy in a Southern Christian community, Kristin Chenoweth also found herself as a target of the One Million Moms group, and she shared advice with Ellen.


Ellen & Kristin Chenoweth Respond To One Million Moms Protests

Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Dance Dare

2012 has been the year of the Dance Dare on Ellen, with people secretly dancing behind strangers in public. But Ellen’s staff and guests have also gotten in on the fun, and she showed Kristin Chenoweth a hysterical video of her staff secretly dancing behind her backstage before the show. Plus, find out what Ellen thought of Kristin’s rendition of the National Anthem last winter.

Ellen: Kristin Chenoweth Dance Dares, World Tour & National Anthem

Ellen In My Ear: JC Penney Portrait Studio

Ellen loves pranking people, so she sent one of her staffers to pose as a JC Penney Portrait Studio photographer. Ellen whispered ridiculous instructions in the woman’s ear as hidden cameras recorded their unpredictable reactions. Have you ever been the victim of a hidden camera prank?

Ellen In Your Ear: JC Penney Portrait Studio Prank

Ellen: Nelly Furtado & K’naan “Is There Anybody Out There” Performance

Nelly Furtado seems to love taking risks and trying new things with her music. This time, she teamed up with K’naan, and they performed their collaboration of “Is Anybody Out There” together for Ellen’s audience on the show. See what else these musicians have been up to lately.

Ellen: K’naan & Nelly Furtado ‘Is Anybody Out There’ MP3 Download

Ellen: Bully Documentary Review: Son Commits Suicide

Ellen is against bullying, and she has been a big supporter of a talked about documentary this spring. It’s called Bully, and one of the families involved in the film stopped by the show to tell Ellen’s audience their heartbreaking story. How is the Long Family doing now?

Ellen: ‘Bully’ Documentary Shares Family Story of Son’s Suicide


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