Kevin Nealon Weddings & Julianna Margulies: Ellen June 22 2012 Recap


Ellen June 22 2012

From Kevin Nealon’s Las Vegas shotgun weddings to Julianna Margulies’ potty mouth, the Ellen June 22 2012 show was full of surprises. This episode also featured a preview of the London 2012 Olympics and the results of Ellen’s Walgreens slogan contest. Check out these segments from Ellen June 22 2012.

Ellen: 2012 London Olympics Preview

Ellen June 22 2012: Julianna Margulies

The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies got pranked on Ellen June 22 2012. (Rena Schild /


To prepare for the impending 2012 London Olympics, Ellen DeGeneres featured some iconic moments and fashions for female athletes through the years. Also, did you know that Tony O, Ellen’s DJ, released his own CD? Find out how you can get it for yourself.

Ellen: 2012 London Olympics, Walgreens Saturdate & DJ Tony’s CD

Ellen: The Good Wife Star Julianna Marguilies

You first got to know her on ER, but these days, she is The Good Wife. Julianna Margulies visited Ellen and attempted to keep her notorious potty mouth in check. She also talked about how she got her friend Matthew Perry to visit as a guest star on her CBS drama series.


Ellen: Julianna Margulies Good Wife, Potty Mouth & Matthew Perry

Ellen: Julianna Margulies Fear of Snakes

Ellen found out that actress Julianna Margulies is afraid of snakes, so naturally she tried to scare her. Find out how that went for the Snakes on a Plane star, and learn about why she lives on a farm that has no animals. How will she spend her summer vacation.

Ellen: Julianna Margulies Fear of Snakes & Son Kieran’s Allergies

Kevin Nealon Las Vegas Shotgun Weddings

Ellen sent her friend, comedian & TV star Kevin Nealon, to Las Vegas, where he performed shotgun weddings for couples in Sin City. Find out what went down when he took a camera crew along. Would you let Kevin Nealon officiate your wedding ceremony?

Ellen: Kevin Nealon Performs Las Vegas Weddings

Sophia Grace & Rosie Millennium Dance with Twitch

Ellen teamed up some of her favorite people, the dancer Twitch and British sensations Sophia Grace & Rosie, for a one of a kind dance. They learned it together and then performed it for Ellen and the crowd. Is there anything these little girls can’t do?

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Twitch Dance Lesson | Millennium Dance

Ellen: Walgreens Slogan Contest

Ellen challenged fans in Chicago to help her come up with new slogans for beauty products at Walgreens. The finalists faced off and Ellen declared a winner. Did you think that the best slogan won the contest? What would you have suggested?

Ellen: Walgreens Slogan Contest | Sophia Grace, Rosie & Twitch


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