Jonah Hill & Chris Rene: Ellen July 31 2012 Recap


Ellen July 31 2012

Ellen July 31 2012 featured the return of the beloved Marshmallow Game and a look at some distressingly bad tattoos. Plus, Ellen talked with Jonah Hill and hosted a performance by X Factor alum Chris Rene. Check out these segments from Ellen July 31 2012.

Ellen: Marshmallow Game

It’s an Ellen classic that hasn’t been seen in years, but Ellen brought her Marshmallow Game back for one day only. Six lucky contestants faced off in a hilarious battle to win prizes and/or retain their dignity on national TV. How do you think you would fare in Ellen’s Marshmallow Game?


Ellen: Marshmallow Game Spring Break Edition

Ellen Bad Tattoos: McDonald’s Tattoo & Frasier Tattoos

Jonah Hill: Ellen July 31 2012 Recap

From 21 Jump Street, Jonah Hill talked with Ellen July 31 2012 about his work behind the scenes and hosting SNL. (Helga Esteb /

A lot of people love Ellen, but would you ever consider getting a tattoo of your favorite TV stars? Someone out there has the Frasier logo stamped on their skin. That’s not all. Ellen showed off a McDonald’s golden arches tattoo and other bad ideas. You’d think a tattoo artist would step in at some point. Maybe there should be a three-day waiting period to let people reconsider their tattoo concepts.


Ellen: McDonald’s Tattoo, Frasier Tattoos & Red Panda Snow Video

Ellen: Jonah Hill Hosts SNL & Takes Mom To Oscars

Did you see Jonah Hill hosting Saturday Night Live this season? Maybe you caught him at the Oscars with a very special date: his mother. Jonah Hill filled Ellen in on everything he has been up to during a busy year so far.

Ellen: Jonah Hill Hosts SNL & Takes Mom To Oscars

Jonah Hill: 21 Jump Street & Near Drowning

In addition to making you laugh on screen, Jonah Hill is also involved behind the scenes in some of his popular projects. He is one of the writers in the film version of 21 Jump Street that hit theaters this year, and he shared the process of taking the story from the page to the screen.

Ellen: Jonah Hill ’21 Jump Street’ & Near Drowning

X Factor: Chris Rene “Young Homie” Performance

From homeless to Hollywood, the story of Chris Rene captivated audiences during season one of The X Factor. He debuted his single, “Young Homie,” for Ellen’s audience, and he is working on his first album.

Ellen: X Factor Chris Rene “Young Homie” MP3 & Performance

Ellen: Tap Dancer Josh Johnson Chegg Scholarship Surprise

Josh Johnson’s story resonated with Ellen and her viewers in 2012. He spends his days in college in Pennsylvania, but on the weekends he works in New York City’s subways, performing and dancing to raise money for his education. Ellen was so impressed by this young man’s commitment and dedication that she had to find a way to help out.

Ellen: Tap Dancer Josh Johnson Chegg Scholarship Surprise


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