Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer & Flo Rida: Ellen July 18 2012 Recap


Ellen July 18 2012

The Ellen July 18 2012 show continued her week of big summer movies with a visit from the cast of Dark Shadows. (Did you see this week’s episodes featuring cast members from The Avengers and Twilight: Breaking Dawn?) Ellen also shared her shopping problems and a new must have product. Plus, musical guest Flo Rida performed and Alison Sweeney challenged Ellen to a much anticipated Jenga rematch. Check out these highlights from Ellen July 18 2012.

Ellen: Shake Weight For Dogs

Johnny Depp: Ellen July 18 2012 Recap

Johnny Depp and his "Dark Shadows" co-stars visited Ellen July 18 2012 to talk about the remake of the popular sci-fi story. (Photo Works /


Ellen watches too much TV, and she’s always coming up with hilarious ideas for new As Seen on TV products, like the Shake Weight for Dogs. She also discussed why she has so much trouble when it comes to the simple things in life, such as shopping for shampoo.

Ellen: Shampoo Shopping, Shake Weight For Dogs & Autocorrect Texts

Ellen: Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka Inspiration

Actor Johnny Depp has appeared in countless movies over the last few decades. Do you have a favorite role of his? He talked with Ellen DeGeneres about some of his most memorable characters. If you’ve ever wondered where actors get inspiration for their performances, see what Johnny told Ellen about how he got his motivation for the Willy Wonka remake.


Ellen: Johnny Depp: Willy Wonka Was Inspired By Stoned George Bush

Ellen: Michelle Pfeiffer’s Bucket List

A bucket list is comprised of goals that you’d like to accomplish before you kick the bucket. What things would you hope to accomplish before you die? Though this has become a popular goal setting activity in recent years, it’s strange to think that even big stars are in on this. Find out what made Michelle Pfeiffer’s bucket list, and how Ellen helped Michelle make a little kid’s day.

Ellen: Michelle Pfeiffer Bucket List, Johnny Depp & Flat Stanley

Dark Shadows: Chloe Grace Moretz, Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer

The cast of Dark Shadows came together for a special Ellen interview. Even young rising star Chloe Grace Moretz joined her more seasoned co-stars on Ellen’s stage to be a part of the fun.

Dark Shadows: Chloe Grace Moretz, Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer

Ellen: Flo Rida Performs ‘Wild Ones’

Rap sensation Flo Rida has been topping the charts with a string of hits. He visited Ellen’s show to perform a fan favorite, “Wild Ones,” from the June 2012 album, also called Wild Ones. Are you a Flo Rida fan? The great thing about Ellen is she invites all kinds of musical guests on her show, so there’s something for everyone.

Ellen: Flo Rida ‘Wild Ones’ Performance & ‘Good Feeling’ MP3

Ellen Vs Alison Sweeney: Jenga Rematch

The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney returned to face off against Ellen in a life size Jenga rematch. In a previous appearance, Alison lost, but fans complained that Ellen cheated. Who came out on top this time?

Ellen Vs Alison Sweeney Life Size Jenga Rematch


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