Ellen’s 1500th Episode with Mario Lopez: Ellen July 25 2012 Recap


Ellen July 25 2012

The Ellen July 25 2012 show marked a special occasion. It was Ellen’s 1500th episode (that’s a lot of episodes!). This special milestone show first aired on May 18 2012, but this was a great opportunity to look back at the fun, excitement and surprises that Ellen has shared with viewers over the past nine years. Check out these highlights from Ellen July 25 2012.

Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage?

Mario Lopez: Ellen July 25 2012 Recap

It's not every day that your friend's talk show turns 1500, so Mario Lopez made sure to show up and celebrate with Ellen July 25 2012. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


With a live studio audience and hilarious celebrity guests, you never know when something unexpected will happen at Ellen’s show. She looked back at some of her favorite unscripted moments with friends, guests and audience members. Did you see the one where Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher was naked backstage? It definitely created an awkward moment for Ellen and her mother, and there were plenty more where that came from.

Ellen DeGeneres 1500th Episode: Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage?

Mario Lopez: I Heart Ellen Tattoo & Wedding Plans

Mario Lopez is a busy TV host, splitting his time between hosting duties on Extra and the dance competition America’s Best Dance Crew. But through it all, he has still found time to be a guest on Ellen’s show 13 times over the years. During this special commemorative appearance, he showed off his “I Heart Ellen” tattoo and talked about his wedding plans with finacee, Courtney.


Mario Lopez I Heart Ellen Tattoo & Wedding Plans

Ellen: Check In On Viggle

Ellen shared more video clips and flashback memories from some of her favorite moments on the show. What’s your all time favorite Ellen moment from the last nine seasons? How many of her 1500 episodes have you watched? Ellen also put two audience members to the test in an ultimate trivia challenge, but of course they both walked away with prizes. Plus, Ellen mentioned the new Viggle app, and said you can check in while watching her show to win prizes.

Ellen: Viggle Check-In & 1500th Episode Favorite Moments

Ellen & Mario Lopez Kiss

This season also featured Ellen’s silly JC Penney soap opera parody, “My Fair and Square Lady.” Thank goodness Mario Lopez was on hand for the big finale. Things even got a little heated, because Ellen and Mario shared a passionate kiss, but of course nothing with Ellen is ever that simple. Find out what Mario had to put up with to win Ellen’s hand in the skit.

Ellen & Mario Lopez Kiss in “My Fair and Square Lady” Finale Show


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