Ellen’s 1500th Episode Show on May 18, 2012 | Viggle & Mario Lopez


This episode was special because it was Ellen‘s 1500th. Most segments of the show featured a theme of nostalgia.

Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage on Ellen?

Ellen begins the show with a montage of video clips that capture mistakes and accidents that occurred during the show. Featured in the videos were Richard Simmons, Ashton Kutcher, and Sofia Vergara. Ellen said that when things go wrong, it’s usually really funny and it gives the opportunity to fire some one. One blooper featured Ashton Kutcher nude backstage in front of Ellen and her mother.  Click on the link below to read the full recap of this segment:


Ellen Degeneres 1500th Episode: Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage?

Ellen May 18 2012

Ellen's 1500th Show on May 18 2012 spoke about favorite moments, including Ashton Kutcher being naked backstage! (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: “Step Up: Revolution” Performance

Catherine McCormick, Ryan Guzman, and various cast members from Step Up: Revolution performed on the show, dancing on stage and among audience members.


Mario Lopez’s I Love Ellen Tattoo

Mario Lopez, host of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, brought margaritas to the set to celebrate Ellen‘s 1500th episode. They discussed the new season of ABDC and Lopez‘s plans to get married this year to his fiance, Courtney Laine Mazza. Read more about Mario Lopez’s interview in the link below:

Mario Lopez I Heart Ellen Tattoo & Wedding Plans

Ellen: Viggle Check-In

Ellen plays a series of video clips featuring her favorite moments from all of her previous episodes. Then she invites two audience members onstage to take part in a trivia game. The game involves knowledge of previous episodes. Both contestants walked away with $2,500. To read more about this segment, click the link below for the full recap:

Ellen: Viggle Check-In & 1500th Episode Favorite Moments

Ellen Kisses Mario Lopez in the “My Fair and Square Lady” Finale

Ellen ran the finale of her melodrama My Fair and Square Lady. Her character sprayed her unconscious lover with pine scene and whipped cream. Then Mario Lopez‘s character made out with Ellen‘s character. Read the full recap of this segment in the link below:

Ellen & Mario Lopez Kiss in “My Fair and Square Lady” Finale Show


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