Ellen: Will Smith After Earth Review—Jaden Smith Getting Emancipated?


Ellen DeGeneres Show June 6 2013 Recap

One of Ellen’s favorite people in the world stayed for the whole hour! Will Smith brought his son Jaden Smith with him on June 6 2013. The father and son talked about their return to films in M Night Shyamalan’s After Earth. The reviews of the film are pouring in and these guys are bringing in the crowds. Jaden told Ellen about how embarrassing his dad is and who started the emancipation rumors. Also, Ellen presented two adorable hip hoppers, the B-Girls, and embarrassed her audience properly with some bad paid for photos from the 1970s.

Ellen: After Earth Review Will Smith, Jaden Smith Getting Emancipated?

On June 6 2013, Ellen had an entire show dedicated to Will and Jaden Smith. Jaden cleared up rumors that he is getting emancipated and laughed with his dad. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen Show: Bad Elementary School Photos + Headgear & B-Girls Eddie & Terra Hip Hop Dance

The B-Girls have been hip hop dancing since before their could walk. Ellen let them do their thing and displat just why they are beating adults at competitions. Eddie and Terra said they love to dance and don’t want to stop. Also, Ellen let her audience show off some really traumatizing paid for photos. One guest looked like she was 80 when she was five and another had massive headgear in her elementary school photo.

Ellen: B-Girls Terra & Eddie Hip Hop Dance & Embarrassing 70′s Photos

Ellen: Will Smith’s Free Style Parenting Ideas & Is Jaden Smith Being Emancipated?

Jaden Smith said his dad really embarrasses him and likes to try to kiss him in public. Despite all of that, it was actually Will Smith who started Jaden’s emancipation rumors. Smith said his kids are not allowed to get emancipated. Jaden agreed. He has it too sweet living with his parents to go out on his own. Will said his son is allowed to live at home until he has movie that is more successful than Will’s.


Ellen: Jaden Smith Not Getting Emancipated & Will Smith’s Parenting

Ellen’s Deleted Scene From After Earth & Will Smith Vs Jaden Smith Relay Race

Ellen had a scene in After Earth, but Will and Jaden wanted to keep it an Ellen exclusive. She played a dopey cadet that annoyed Jaden and tried to get serious Will Smith to crack a smile. No such luck, Ellen. Then, the father-son dynamic duo raced each other like never before. Will may have cheated.

Ellen: After Earth Deleted Scene with Will Smith & Jaden Smith Review


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