Ellen TV Talk Show Recap March 19 2012


Ellen March 19 2012

Ellen spent a lot of time talking about her hometown of New Orleans, including the movie Ed Helms made there and one of her earliest jobs, working in retail. Here are the links for all the details on the show.

Ellen: Sorry Spin Home Game

Ellen: Ed Helms & New Orleans

Actor Ed Helms compared notes with Ellen about New Orleans & their Southern upbringing. (Image Credit: Allen Berezovsky / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen DeGeneres pitted mother against daughter in a life size game of Sorry Spin, based on the reinvented board game. Plus, she shared a tidbit of history about the recent St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Ellen: Sorry Spin Game & St. Patrick’s Day History

Ellen: Funny Local Police Reports & Classic Joke Monday

Ellen’s viewers sent in silly local police reports from newspapers throughout the US, including a teen lost in a messy bedroom. Plus, another installment of Classic Joke Monday.


Ellen: Funny Local Police Reports & Classic Joke Monday

Ellen: Ed Helms in ‘Jeff, Who Lives At Home’

Actor Ed Helms told Ellen what he loved about working in New Orleans on his new movie, Jeff, Who Lives At Home. It’s a dramatic turn for the comic actor. Plus, find out the teenage occupation that Ed and Ellen shared while growing up in the South.

Ellen: Ed Helms in ‘Jeff, Who Lives At Home’

Ellen: Kathy Freston ‘The Lean’ Book Review

Kathy Freston said that we should all stop drinking cow’s milk. What do you think of her reasoning? Plus, find out why she says her 30 day health plan in The Lean is different than other diets.

Ellen: Kathy Freston ‘The Lean’ Book Review & 30 Day Health Plan

Ellen: Kathy Freston Vegan Challenge

Kathy Freston helped a family change their diet by going Vegan. She shared the progress they have made over the last year, since changing their habits. Kathy also explained how finding a purpose can help you achieve your health goals.

Ellen: Kathy Freston Vegan Challenge & Finding a Life Purpose

Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney in Louisiana

Ellen DeGeneres returned to her hometown and the JC Penney store where she once worked. She needs to be retrained, if her recent exploits in the store are any indication of her skills. Find out how she tormented customers during her one-day return to the retail world.

Ellen DeGeneres Works at JC Penney in Louisiana


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