Ellen TV Talk Show Recap February 23 2012


Ellen February 23 2012

Ellen spent time with her good friend Jennifer Aniston and surprised a mom struggling with cancer on today’s show. Here is everything you missed. Just click the links.

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl | Moonshiners & Extreme Cheapskates

Ellen said there are too many TV channels to choose from today, and she showed off clips from some of the weird and wacky shows she has discovered, like Moonshiners and Extreme Cheapskates. Also, she showed off CoverGirl Foundation.


CoverGirl & Olay 2 In 1 Foundation | Channel Surfing With Ellen

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Prank

Jennifer Aniston caught up with Ellen on all of the latest in her life, including her new boyfriend Justin. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jodi Fisher Cancer Patient Fun List

While struggling with cancer, Jodi Fisher made a Fun List of things to do with her family. Last on the list was visiting Ellen’s show. Little did Jodi know that Ellen was going to surprise her with money for her kids’ education.


Ellen: Jodi Fisher Cancer Patient Fun List & Sara Lee Scholarship

Jennifer Aniston Sexiest Woman Of All Time

Ellen announced that Jennifer Aniston was recently declared Sexiest Woman of All Time and asked her friend about the new puppy in her life, Sophie. Jennifer also shared her experience getting a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Sexiest Woman Of All Time & Puppy Sophie

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston’s Puppy’s Cat Costume

To help Jennifer and her dog Sophie go out in public, Ellen bought the puppy a cat costume. They talked about her new movie Wanderlust, and her relationship with break dancing boyfriend Justin Theroux.

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston’s Puppy Sophie Cat Disguise Costume

Ellen In My Ear: Jennifer Aniston & Skippy Bike Guy

Jennifer had Ellen in her ear when she pranked unsuspecting bike delivery guy Skippy on the show. He didn’t know how to react to her bird calls and crazy antics, but he did want to hit on her.

Ellen In My Ear With Jennifer Aniston & Skippy Bike Guy

Ellen: The Skating Aratas Review

The Skating Aratas are a breathtaking husband and wife skating team, and you have to see their act to believe it. Full of dangerous spins, turns, and twists, this is something you shouldn’t try at home, but it’s so amazing that I want to go to Las Vegas just to see it.

Ellen: The Skating Aratas: Husband Wife Duo at Planet Hollywood


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