Ellen: Miley Cyrus Surprise Bachelorette Party & Cash at Your Door


Ellen September 6 2013

Leave it to Ellen to seize a moment. On September 6, she is revisiting her fall 2012 interview with singer and actress Miley Cyrus, who has been a hot topic since her racy performance at this summer’s MTV Video Music Awards. Let’s look back on a simpler time, when Miley’s relationship with Liam Hemsworth seemed rock solid. Bachelorette party, anyone?

Ellen for President + Miley’s Haircut

Ellen: Miley Cyrus Surprise Bachelorette Party & Cash at Your Door

Before she violated a foam finger, Miley Cyrus got a surprise bachelorette party from Ellen DeGeneres, featured on the September 6 show. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


November 2012 was the time when Miley Cyrus, as part of her personal reinvention, got a new haircut that had even Ellen talking. It was also the time of a presidential election, and that sea of political news led Ellen DeGeneres to throw her own hat into the ring for the 2016. Would you vote Ellen for president?

Ellen For President in 2016, Miley Cyrus Haircut & Amys Lyrical Pranks

Ellen: Miley Cyrus Two and a Half Men + Surprise Bachelorette Party

Last fall, Miley Cyrus landed a guest role on the long-running sitcom Two and a Half Men. She talked with Ellen about her role in the show, her trip to Australia, and even animal adoption. Then, Ellen stunned her with an impromptu surprise bachelorette party. Does anyone know what the current status of her engagment to Liam is? I can’t keep up anymore, though I guess being indecisive about relationships runs in the Cyrus family.


Ellen Miley Cyrus Votes, Surprise Bachelorette Party & New Sitcom Role

Ellen: Twilight Final Movie with Jackson Rathbone & Maggie Grace

This episode of Ellen really is like a time capsule. This was around the time of the final installment of The Twilight Saga, which has now wrapped up. Co-stars Jackson Rathbone and Maggie Grace discussing winding down the series and whether fans should hope for a revival in a future series of movies:

Ellen: Maggie Grace & Jackson Rathbone in Twilight & Baby Cowboy Hats

Cash at Your Door: Ellen Gives Away $25,000

It’s not often that you answer the door and receive a big check from a celebrity, but that’s exactly what happened to one family when Ellen played her Cash at Your Door game with them. Watch what happened when Ellen surprised them:

Ellen Playing Cash at Your Door With Faile Family, Giving Them $25,000


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