Ellen: Miley Cyrus, Jackson Rathbone & Cash At Your Door


Ellen December 28 2012

Ellen December 28 2012 included another look back at the final Twilight film, a discussion about Miley Cyrus and her headline-making haircut, as well as Ellen’s new favorite game: Cash At Your Door.

Ellen: Women In US Senate & Miley Cyrus Haircut

Ellen: Miley Cyrus, Jackson Rathbone & Cash At Your Door

Ellen December 28 2012 included an interview and surprise for Two and a Half Men actress Miley Cyrus, Twilight star Jackson Rathbone & Cash At Your Door. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


In November 2012, a record number of women were elected to the United States Senate. Find out what Ellen had to say about this auspicious milestone in our history. Also, Ellen kept it light by showing what she would look like with Miley Cyrus’s new haircut. Would Ellen ever run for public office? Probably not, but she already has a ticket in mind for 2016.

Ellen For President in 2016, Miley Cyrus Haircut & Amys Lyrical Pranks

Ellen: Miley Cyrus Voting & Two and a Half Men

If there’s one sitcom you can count on to always be in the headlines, it is probably Two and a Half Men. The show has seen some high profile cast changes in recent years, and now singer and actress Miley Cyrus has popped up on the show. She told Ellen about joining the fray on the popular series and what it was like going into the voting booth for the first time in 2012. Also, since the word is out about Miley’s engagement to Liam Hemsworth, Ellen just had to throw her an impromptu bachelorette party during their interview. Click the link to see Miley’s reaction for yourself.


Ellen Miley Cyrus Votes, Surprise Bachelorette Party & New Sitcom Role

Ellen: Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone & Maggie Grace

Over the last half decade, the Twilight franchise has been a reliable gig for many actors, including Maggie Grace and Jackson Rathbone. They got in on the fun of talking about the final chapter in the movie saga. Since Ellen loves to give gifts almost as much as she loves surprises and scaring people, she had something for new father Jackson.

Ellen: Maggie Grace & Jackson Rathbone in Twilight & Baby Cowboy Hats

Ellen: Cash At Your Door Game

The list of Ellen’s loves is very long. In addition to the activities above, she also enjoys dancing and showering regular people with cash. That’s just what she did with the Faile family, whom she surprised on their own doorstep with $25,000! What would you do if you answered the door and learned Ellen was giving you money?

Ellen Playing Cash at Your Door With Faile Family, Giving Them $25,000


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